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"New Girl" is the Notorious N.A.G.

Everything is better with Taye Diggs.

That list of everything now includes "New Girl," which featured Diggs on Tuesday's episode as a coffee store owning contortionist who has been to Brazil and was being used by Jess as a way to make Nick jealous.

Another man child in the loft?

After taking a week off, the FOX comedy returned with the return of Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach, the roommate from the pilot episode. He only lasted one episode because the show Wayans was in at the time, "Happy Endings," ended up getting renewed and he wasn't available anymore. Based on his return, which was the first of four episodes with him, I don't think we were missing anything.

Coach stormed into the loft, which has a vacancy now that Schmidt is living across the hall, and immediately shook things up, taking all the guys to a strip club and driving a wedge between Nick and Jess. That wedge created the most realistic story line of the show, as the new couple were forced to deal with balancing their couple life and individual lives.

It was a balancing act that got off to a rocky start, with Nick strongly asserting his independence, to the point where he blurted out that they hadn't even cemented that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. #DUMB

This was the underlying tension throughout the episode. Nick and Jess both wanted to reconcile, but fate and a little alcohol kept them from making up until the episode, when Nick stripped down to his underwear to punch a naked Taye Diggs. But I'm getting ahead of myself....

At the strip club, Nick and Schmidt were extremely uncomfortable because their priorities have shifted since Coach was last around. Eventually that led them to help him mature and address his feelings, although not before coining the phrase, "butt-o-clock." Also at the strip club, Winston got his own side adventure that was another random bit of weirdness for him, although it didn't really tap into the heavy dose of crazy the show's writers have attributed him with. His storyline did create the opportunity for the gang to get decked out in track suits from the strip club, which were just some of the purchases Winston made with his $2,000 of bunny bucks, the strip club's unique money that can't be used for dances, but can be used for merchandise and food.

Taye Diggs is delicious man candy

Meanwhile, Jess was getting two spoonfuls of Taye Diggs, which is probably a part of any healthy diet. He starts as a harmless flirt, who can diagnosis the ingredients in a Temple Grandin, which was named that by Jess because it makes her "friendly and compassionate." The innocent flirting spirals quickly out of control and Taye Diggs is naked in her bed by the end of the episode, until Nick sends him unconscious and naked down in the elevator.

It was fun to see the guys interacting, especially when they ran from the cops in the slowest and least direct escape ever. I was pleased to see Nick and Schmidt dealing with their issues, which is an important part of the reboot on the season that the show started in the last episode, in its ongoing attempt to move past the rocky start.

My major takeaway, though, was that Cece needs her own episode. She is an under utilized star in their roster and deserves her own episode to flush out her feelings about Schmidt. Framing an episode from her point of view, especially if it goes into her work life, would be a creative way to get out of the loft.

Best Quotes:

Jess: Nick doesn't have a life plan. He doesn't have a day plan. I once found a note that he wrote to himself that said, "Put on pants."

Jess: Nick isn't even a man. He's some kind of man-boy, man-child hybrid. The other day, I had to tell him not to pull a dog's tail.

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