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When the numbers don't add up

Let’s hope Mechanicville students are better at math that their school leaders. The district tried to do a simple addition problem and got it wildly wrong in figuring the number of students opting out of last week’s math test. I asked all 35 school districts in our coverage area to ...

How six minutes can equal one hour

The challenge of shooting video when kids are involved

Schenectady's inscrutable parking tickets

Considering people have not paid some $2.3 million in parking tickets, I was quite interested in my firsthand look at the issue. And as soon as I looked at the ticket, I thought: No wonder people don’t pay!

Those Shen raises

It was one of those sentences where you can tell the truth with such confusion that no one will understand what you’re saying.

You get what you pay for

I’ve been interviewing parents who want a charter school in Schenectady, and one of them explained to me that private schools are the best. But, she said, for those who can’t afford it, a charter school is at least better than a regular old public school.
But why are private schools the best?

Remember our fear

I’m sick of people rewriting the story of the four girls who committed suicide.


People outside Schenectady are sometimes surprised to hear that I bought a house here. And by surprised, I usually mean horrified.

Memories of Maine where everybody knows Robert and his rules

The Schenectady City Council meeting came closer to Maine town meetings than any other meeting I’ve ever covered in New York.

What? Skipping on the first day of school?

I was at Mont Pleasant Middle School, interviewing seventh-graders on their first day of school, and I noticed two kids standing just outside the entrance.

Bike challenge, Day 4: Stealing

When I park my car I never worry that it won’t be there when I get back.

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