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How six minutes can equal one hour

My job seems to require four hands lately.

I need to take notes, Tweet, and record video — all at the same time.

And that’s bringing me all new challenges, including one that forced three teachers to spend an hour working on a video with me today.

I shot six minutes of video during the Math Olympics at Hamilton Elementary School.
Then three teachers and I spent an hour going through that video, frame by frame, to identify a dozen students who could not be photographed.

If I was a professional photographer, I probably would have had the experience to predict this problem. I could have asked the teachers to pull those kids out of line and place them together — in the front of the line, the middle, the back, anywhere so long as they were all in one group. Then I could simply stop recording before they walked into the frame.

But I didn’t think of that. So I have six minutes of video in which there is almost always one of those students, somewhere in the shot.

And these aren’t just students who never turned in their media permission slip. These students specifically CANNOT be photographed. Maybe their mothers are in hiding from an abusive man. Maybe there’s a custody dispute. Maybe it’s a religious ban. But they can’t be there — not even in the background.

Making matters worse, some kids are new to the school. So we had to interrupt a class, twice, to identify kids in the video.

It was a nightmare.

But, hey, live and learn. My only goal is to get to the top of the video learning curve before I have to do a video that really matters. The world can live without a video of kids playing Math Olympics.

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