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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

A Daily Gazette community blog
Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Dontcha just wish

That the Congress people and citizenry who have gotten all in a tither over the Affordable Care Act got into the same kind of said tither over the NSA spying on work-a-day American citizens?

Shocking verdict, small miracle

I cannot begin to describe the shock of Judge Jokl's “Not Guilty “ verdict.

Of jail cells and gravestones

I am getting ready to go on trial before Judge Jokel at 5 p.m. today in DeWitt Town Court for my Feb. 13 –- Ash Wednesday -- disorderly conduct charge.

Albany Common Council upholds U.S. Constitution!

Finally, some good news to report.

On Syria: We have heard all this bull before

Let's face it, even if Congress does not give Obama the go ahead to bomb Syria, he'll do it anyway. We surrendered that power to presidents decades ago with little more than lip service to its constitutionality.

Stellar lineup for peace conference

The Kateri Peace Conference in Fonda is the “best kept secret of the peace movement.”

Arrested in one city, but not in another

Several of us in the Capital District have been busy trying to shut down Guantanamo. We've been holding demonstrations throughout the area -- Albany, Saratoga Springs and Troy.

I spy with my little eye

Truly, it was no revelation to many of us working for peace that the US government is keeping extensive records on all American citizens.

Dead end or just dead?

The Associated Press wins the “Gallows Humor Of The Week Award” for their story, “Nuclear weapons staff complain of morale problems” which appeared in the Wednesday, June 5th edition of The Daily Gazette.

IRS: Irresponsible Revenue Search

The AP (Associated Press -- or as I prefer the “Absent Press”) is outraged at having their records subpoenaed by the Justice Department -- as well they should be. It has had a chilling effect on sources, as it should.

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