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by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Guantanamo & Benghazi

A group of us gathered on Friday, May 23 in Albany as part of a national day of action to “Make Guantanamo History.” Over 40 cities across the US held vigils and marches on this day because President Obama made a big splash May 23, 2013 saying that he would close the illegal prison in a year.

The fact that we had to organize at the national level to once again bring attention to the plight of the 154 men (77 of whom were cleared for release under the Bush administration's first run) still held there without charge tells you how well Obama kept his promise.

I have been working closing Guantanamo since at least 2005. That's nine years. To say nothing of the men held there.

We processed from Townsend Park to the federal courthouse on North Pearl with banners and some signs giving the names of five of the men and the number of years they had been held without charge, not because the US government can't think of anything to charge them with, they didn't do anything wrong, so there is nothing to charge them with. All have been in Guantanamo for over ten years.

So imagine my surprise when as we were standing on the side walk in front of the courthouse when some uninformed yahoo across the street starts yelling, “Benghazi! Benghazi!”

Some days my best effort at creating peace is just keeping my mouth shut. This was one of them.

None of the men being held in Guantanamo had anything to do with Benghazi; they were in prison thousands of miles away. The only possible connection is our treatment of the men of Guantanamo, all middle eastern and most are Muslim, may have been motive for some of the people who participated in the attack.

I didn't yell what I wanted to at the man, which would have been a two word comment about his level of intelligence, but just stood in silence and watched him walk away.

I sure understand why we have the politicians we do, and our Constitution trashed the way it is, when we have this level of ignorance electing them.

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