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by Linda LeTendre

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Benghazi hypocrisy

I notice that House Republicans are so concerned about what happened at the US Embassy in Benghazi, where four Americans were brutally murdered by a raging mob, that they are organizing a committee to look into the attack.

Timing is everything.

It is interesting to note that they did not seem too concerned when people were killed in attacks at US embassies while their party's president occupied the White House. Under Reagan, there were seven attacks, leaving 94 people dead. The US Embassy in Beirut was attacked not once but twice under his watch. The Republicans did not call for an investigation. Under the “w” Bush, there were 13 attacks at US embassies that killed 60 people. (And I won't even go into 9/11). No call for a special investigation then either.

To be even handed, let me point out the Republicans didn't flinch when US embassies were attacked under the Democratic Presidencies of Carter (four attacks) or Clinton (eight attacks) either.

What makes Benghazi different? Critical midterm elections are just around the corner with the Presidential not far behind. Could it be that Hilary may well run for President again? Could it be they need something to mask the stink of the Tea Party or the ultra right wing of the party like Ryan and Cruz who are scaring the bejesus out of everyone, Republican and Democrat alike? Could it be that they need a diversion from the reality of their pandering to the ultra wealthy and the freeloading corporations who pay minimum wages and leave the rest of us subsidize places like Walmart and McDonald's with Food Stamps and Medicaid for their underpaid employees while CEO's make thousands of dollars per hour?

Dare I say it? Could it be that the President is the wrong color?

When in trouble, throw as much bovine solid biological waste as you can grab into a running fan and see where lands. If gerrymandering and voter suppression don't work - manipulate and milk an incident like Benghazi for disinformation, half truths and innuendo in the desperate hope that something - anything - sticks.

Do let me be clear here, the murder of anyone, ANYONE, in our US embassies deserves to be thoroughly reviewed. There should have been investigative committees looking into attacks on US embassies decades ago - especially when one considers that under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations it is actually the host country that is responsible for the security of diplomatic facilities. The Marine Corps, who stand guard at all embassy gates, are not there to protect lives but secrets. The Marine Corps' Embassy Security Group states that its primary mission is: "to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States," while their "secondary mission" is to "provide protection for US citizens and US government property" during "exigent circumstances." (Protect secrets first, human lives are leftovers - they come second.)

There is nothing wrong with investigating attacks on US embassies - there is something wrong with
looking at only Benghazi. To have an investigation targeted on one attack on one US embassy is an affront, an insult to the families and friends who will forever grieve over the loss of the the people they cherished.

And no matter what the Benghazi investigations uncover, two things will not change. Obama will still be a Democrat and he will still be black.

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