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by Linda LeTendre

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New international insurance policy: nuclear arms

In a case of history repeating itself, like Kennedy did with the Soviet Union more than fifty years ago, President Obama negotiated a deal to limit nukes with Iran -- and he did it using the same tactic -– secret diplomacy. And Obama used that tactic for the same reason as Kennedy: to keep the agreement to keep us safe from nuclear weapons from being sabotaged by the military-industrial complex (and now we add Congressional to said complex).

Remember, as the song goes: “There's plenty of good money to be made supplyin' the Army with the tools of the trade...”. And if anyone knows how to make big bucks off of mass death and destruction it's the aforementioned complex.

Already Obama is getting flack from Republicans, who tend to take the lead in the mass death industry (with the Democrats not far behind -– let's be fair here) and are calling for new and tougher sanctions against Iran to try to sink the deal -– the rest of us be damned (and I include the entire planet in “us”). It was the same during the Kennedy administration. His military advisors thought 20 to 30 million American casualties in a nuclear war was an acceptable loss and urged him to make the first strike during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy's reaction was, “These people are crazy.”

He was right. Lucky for the planet and the people living thereon he refused to unleash mass murder, destruction and the effects permanent radiation pollution.

His refusal to do so is also part of what got him killed.

Since WWII the US has been involved in at least 51 documented incidences of bombings, sabotage and/or attempted government overthrow. Most countries have figured out to play our game: if you have a nuclear weapon the US will not outright attack you, our government will negotiate with you. Nuclear armaments have become the new international insurance policy to protect a country from US intervention.

As a peace worker I am always relieved and grateful when weapons of any kind are limited and epically so when they are nuclear ones.

I've been hoping we could hire the Iranians to negotiate with the Republicans in Congress and help us get some things accomplished here at home. Is it too late to amend the agreement to include this provision?

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