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Occupy movement violently raided nationally

Apparently the Occupy movement was raided nationwide Sunday. The police have been closing down Occupy Portland, Occupy St. Louis, and Occupy Denver. Many protesters were arrested and many were injured by “robust” police action.

In Denver, police assault tactics on the unarmed citizens expressing their First Amendment rights (most of whom were just standing there) caused several injuries to them. Click here.

In St. Louis, more than 200 protesters were ordered to leave a city park. Police arrested 27 citizens who refused to obey the order. Click here.

In Portland police dismantled two Occupy camps. While the majority of the citizens chanted about their peaceful intentions, a minority of “stupids” armed themselves with sticks and rods to try to prepare for a possible police assault. An officer was wounded by a projectile thrown from the crowd. Click here for more details.

Portland police reports offer that no officers or people arrested were injured during the park clearance. What they didn’t tell folks is that they beat unconscious Occupy Portland’s American Sign Language interpreter, Justin. After getting beaten by the police, Justin was hauled off by the clothing around his neck, where he gasped and pleaded for air until he passed out. Justin was not arrested, so the police statement is technically true but truth by technicality is often very far from truth in reality as in this case. As of this morning (Monday, 11/14) Justin has no feeling in his right leg and cannot use his arm. He is at least alive.

Do I think it was coincidence that all three Occupy camps were raided on the same night? No, I don't.
I think the raids were purposefully orchestrated to be in concert with each other. The government, as it is now run, cannot afford to let this Occupy movement go on much longer and reach any movement of success.

I mean, what happens to campaign contributions for both Democrats and Republicans if financial institutions like Goldman-Sachs are prosecuted for the crimes they've committed against the country and have to pay fines or if the two-thirds of American corporations who currently don't pay taxes all of the sudden have to? Who's going to give those anonymous million dollar donations? (BTW - You and I have to give our names and addresses when we give a measly $25 to a candidate.) I mean, the economy is bad enough as it is without the added burden of corporations being held responsible for their behavior like real people are.

The running joke today is: “The economy is so bad that Bank of America (or insert your own favorite multinational bank or corporation) had to lay off five congressmen.”

The state half of Lafayette Park in Albany, where some of the citizens of Occupy Albany (OA) had gathered, was raided by NYS Troopers over this weekend as well and I can only guess that it was done at the behest of Gov. Cuomo, who had made his displeasure with OA clear. Seems he can stand up to the public employee unions but not to rich people.

I noted the names of those OA people arrested and I don't recognize any of them but I note that they were mostly young people, which gives me some hope for the future.

I have not been to any of the general assemblies for OA, but I do question the wisdom of pushing the issue of trespassing on the state half of the park. Mayor Jennings has been a shining example of how to work with citizens fed up with their government and testing David Soares (another fine example of which we here in the Capital Region can be justly proud) to see if he would prosecute those arrested seems to me a waste of energy better put to use getting arrested elsewhere. But again, I was not part of the decision making.

In some good news...

Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna of the NYPD, who just for the heck of it pepper-sprayed a group of chanting women who had been corralled by the NYPD with some plastic fencing, was in fact disciplined by the NYPD for his unprovoked assault on these women. He lost 10 days of his vacation time, which with his rank and pay was not chump change.

Scot Olsen, Iraq War veteran at Occupy Oakland and critically wounded by a tear gas shell fired by the police, is up and speaking. He will recover and has a long road ahead of him. Keep those prayers and donations coming in. You can donate through the Veterans for Peace website:

Here's a great statement from Scot:

"I'm feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me. After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I've got a lot of work to do with rehab. Thank you for all your support; it has meant the world to me. You'll be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough we'll see you in our streets!”

I hope so Scott.

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