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by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

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Phone call from Mike Huckabee, the “Rev”

I got a phone call from the Mike Huckabee camp the other day. Since I am not registered with a political party, neither Democrat, Republican, Green or whatever, I am fair game for all of them. During elections I get besieged with calls from all the camps. With the Republican presidential campaign officially starting weeks ago, I'm getting calls from the Christian right and the tea party (sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two).

I listened politely to the recording of Rev. Huckabee railing on about losing the “National Day of Prayer,” fearing the removal of “In God We Trust” from our currency, and the usual litany of so-called “Christian issues” that when you examine them in the light of the gospels don't amount to so much as a hill of crosses.

Then, as is the script with these type of calls, a telemarketer (for lack of a better word) comes on and asks what you think -– before, I presume, they ask you for money. I say “presume” because I've never gotten that far; I give them my thoughts, they thank me for my thoughts and we cordially part company at their behest.

My thoughts on a National Day of Prayer are that it is a red herring, it means nothing in the grand scheme of the gospel at work in our daily lives. It's like the bogus question of school prayer, what do people think -- that God is waiting out on the playground by the slides to be invited in? We can pray anytime, anywhere we want to. That's in part what makes prayer so powerful.

I opined this to what sounded like a very young woman, told her that I am a Christian who is active politically and if this is an issue with Huckabee he does not understand the nature of prayer.

“Isn't he an ordained minister?” I asked her.

I could then hear her going through her notes and she came back with, “Yes, he's a Baptist minister.” (I already knew that.)

“He must have skipped that class in seminary,” I replied.

I went on to talk about the $2.1 million per minute we spend on the military for killing people while we have people going hungry, without housing and without health care.

“Jesus would buy food, not bombs,” I explained and went on to say that this is the issue we as Christians should be praying on and doing something about. We don't need a “National Day of Prayer.”

She very nicely and politely thanked me for my thoughts and we wished each other a blessed day.

They train these folks well.

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