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Rats bus crash: Day 2 UPDATE

River Rats head coach Jeff Daniels spoke more specifically about the injuries suffered by the four players who were hospitalized overnight at the Berkshire Medical Center. Three of them were released earlier today: Casey Borer, Joe Jensen and Jonathan Paiement.

* NICOLAS BLANCHARD. "He will spend an extra day, maybe two in the hospital," Daniels said. "They're trying to get an MRI done on him and being the weekend, it might be tough to get done today. That's the only reason he may be there another day or two.

"He took some pretty deep cuts. He was on the left side of the bus and when it flipped over he took a lot of the impact and and went into the glass. As a result, he had some deep cuts on his side and his stomach. Another reason they want to keep him at the hospital, too, is the way he's bandaged up, it's something that has to be changed three times a day. Being a single guy and living with (Mike) Angelidis, I don't know if Angie can handle that. His parents are in town and I believe his sister is at the hospital with him, so he has family there. I talked to him this morning and he seemed in good spirits, just kind of waiting to see what the next step was."

* CASEY BORER. "It looks right now like Casey Borer will miss the rest of the year. He has a broken bone, I think it's a vertebra but I'm not sure so I don't want to speak out of turn. It looks like a good six weeks that he's going to have to wear a neck collar and at that point, we'll see where he's at."

* JOE JENSEN. "Right now, Jense is concussed. We'll just take some time and give him some rest and see where he's at. Hopefully, it'll be a week to 10 days, maybe sooner, but we're not sure at this point."

* JONATHAN PAIEMENT. "Jon Paiement is doing well. He just kind of got banged up. He took a lot of impact around the face area with some stitches and that, and that's something that will come out in the next seven to 10 days.

"Where they'll be at, mentally and physically, I can't say right now. But it's a good sign they're being released from the hospital, and they're all expected to make a full recovery."

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February 20, 2009
5:27 p.m.

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Thanks for the latest info Phil...I did get in contact with some prayer warriors i know (2 catholics and 1 baptist, and 1- 4 square full gospel ( as in pentecostal) and they assured me that they will be continue to pray for the team and the bus driver too.

Have a good & safe week end, as this accident just goes to show that it can or could happen to anyone,at any time....Get Well Rats !!!

February 20, 2009
9:53 p.m.

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Makes you realize your priorties. May the Rats get well and prosper.

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