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Rats award winners

The River Rats booster club held its annual banquet March 29 at the Italian-American Community Center, and handed out its team awards.

Injured enforcer Trevor Gillies, out since a Dec. 20 concussion, was chosen both the most electrifying player and fan favorite (surprise, surprise).

Nicolas Blanchard, who hasn't played following the team's Feb. 19 bus crash, was voted the team's unsung hero, while rookie Ryan Weston was named most improved player. The John Cunniff Memorial Award, chosen by coaches Jeff Daniels and Geordie Kinnear, went to the entire team, for enduring a trying season.

Captain Pat Dwyer was named the offensive player of the year, and Brett Carson got the nod as defensive player of the year. Dwyer was given awards for leading the team in goals (even though his 23 were 2 fewer than Michael Ryan, who has been in the NHL for two months), game-winners, short-handed goals and hat tricks.

Petruzalek was honored as the team's assist leader; Weston, Nick Dodge and Harrison Reed were all recognized for scoring their first pro goals.

The three stars for the season were: 1. Justin Peters; 2. Dwyer; 3. Petruzalek.

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April 10, 2009
2:35 p.m.

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Hey phil, 2 things: First do you think Peters & Petruzalek will get invites to the Canes training camp this coming summer? 2nd: Whats up with the Guy from upstate being banned/barred due to neglect of his horses ? On the N&O sports line they report that the guy has has some under- nurished looking animals. Any truth to those alligations ? have a blessed eater Week end sir...

Go Rats !!

April 10, 2009
10:51 p.m.

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Peters for sure; Petro is a question mark.
As for Mr. Paragallo, the TV reports from up this way showed the condition of his horses, and they were deplorable. A real shame.

April 11, 2009
11:19 a.m.

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Yes there was a news story locally here in W/S about Mr. Paragallo and that the NY State troopers arrested him...I know in some counties in KY ( as in Lexington) they have a couple of unwritten but strickly enforced rull of how big or many horse you can have at one time...according to my grand daughter Jennifer who goes to Asbury College there in Wilmore...the story said he had hired or contracted out the day to day operation of the farm to someone else...either way it is still very when i have had a few extra dollars we have to north of us a regional equine rescue group...and i do donate to...And Jakub should or could be able to hack and do well at camp...but then know the guy better than we do here in Carolina...but the fans here did like his style of play and work some of have even thought of a line combo say a 4th line combo of Boychuk,Petro,and Sutter with Capt.Tim & Doug (who are already here) the the canes per say are going to have a pretty interesting off-season and it seems rather scary to me as it now stands...with the roster the canes have in place at this very moment...I want to keep each and everyone of them...but seeing I'm just a fan...sigh...May you and & family Have Happy Easter Phil...
Go Rats !!

April 13, 2009
3:46 p.m.

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Someone asked Petru at the awards banquet if he was going to be returning next season and, if I recall correctly, he said that he was thinking about Europe.

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