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The least we can all do is wash our hands

People who don’t wash their hands are at the top of my pet peeves list.

I’m going public: I am indeed a Taylor Swift fan

Taylor Swift's music is just so catchy. It plays on repeat in my head all day long.

I'll take the train

Far and above, trains are my favorite mode of transportation.

Count me out of this 'Clique'

Is power-brokering a skill we really want to instill in 11-year-old girls?

New semester, new beginnings

I hate the idea of change. But once things actually change, I tend to be OK with it.

Any other Dan Brown fans out there?

I finished Dan Brown’s new novel, "The Last Symbol." How was the book? Exactly like every other Dan Brown book, but I'm still addicted to his work.

Do you have a half-finished novel?

Have a novel hidden in the back of your drawer? What’s it about? Will you leave us the opening paragraphs?

Should women rule the world?

A new study has apparently proved that women make more effective lawmakers than men.

Ready for kickoff

Would you believe that I'm a fan of the show "Friday Night Lights"?

Not my idea of a good time

Little known fact about me: I hate to fly. But I've read about a guy who loves to fly.

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