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Farewell blog

Hello everybody,

I want to make official what all of you figured out months ago: I don’t have time to keep up this blog. For months now, I’ve been hopeful that I would get less busy. But it never happened.

It’s been an absolute blast writing this. It was a great opportunity for self-reflection. It forced me to articulate my ideas in a coherent manner. It got me to run a 5k. But best of all, I got to know you all: my readers. It probably sounds ridiculous, but I do feel like I got to know you through your comments.

It’s been a great adventure.

I’d like to thank you all for reading.

I’d also like to thank everyone at The Gazette for taking a chance one me. It can’t be easy to give a high school senior a page on their site, and they did. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone at the paper who made it possible for me to write this.


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