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Finding fun things to do

My mom and I want to make strawberry jam. We’ve been talking for days about it, researching recipes and looking into preserving jars. And then today we realized we needed a massive quantity of strawberries.

We’ve been making almost daily trips to Lansing Farms for their strawberries, and they’re delicious. But there’s no way they would be enough. We needed to pick our own.

So I spent the afternoon searching for places we could pick, and I found a fabulous Web site, (Click HERE)

The writer of the site is a Capital District mom, Katie. She moved up here from the city when she was nine months pregnant with her first child. She describes activities during her first days here:

“I…packed the tiny freezer with meals, spoke to the mortgage broker, watched 'Little House on the Prairie' reruns on basic cable, and meditated in preparation for labor.”

She slowly realized how important it was for her to get out of the house each day, and how much goes on each day in the Capital District.

Her site is devoted to compiling a list of ways to get out of the house, especially with activities for young children.

Katie includes a list of standing events that require no reservation, and each week posts a list of special events. She also does “themed” posts like the one I found on berry-picking in the area.

Overall, it seems like a great site and a terrific resource for anyone looking for things flying under the surface.

My friends regularly ask me about how I find out about different events going on. The simple answer is that I pay attention. I read The Gazette each morning, pop around on and read the bulletin boards at the library and the grocery store.

It’s easy to think that we live in a sleepy area. But the Capital District is anything but quiet if you know where to look. Blogs like Katie’s make it easier for us to find something to do, almost everyday.

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