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You'll love 'Chuck'

It’s time for my annual plea to you all: Please, please start watching "Chuck."

For those of you who haven’t seen it, or read about my love of it, "Chuck" is about a secret agent for the CIA. He accidentally downloaded a file of government secrets to his brain, and has since been dragged into tons of wild adventures with his FBI and CIA “handlers.”

The best description of "Chuck" I’ve ever read (and have probably used before) is that it's "Get Smart" for a "24" world.

My family and I started watching "Chuck" my senior year of high school. With the exception of "The Office" it remains the one TV show we all enjoy. We actually proselytize "Chuck." We’ve gotten our neighbors and cousins hooked on it. As my mom is fond of saying, there’s something for everyone with "Chuck." It’s an adventure show, there’s an overarching romance, it’s hilarious and dramatic. It really can please everyone. My dad, a "24" junkie, and I, a chick-flick fan, both enjoy it.

Which leads me to my question: why aren’t you watching "Chuck"?

My guess is most of you aren’t, because last May, NBC almost pulled the plug on "Chuck." But us fans fought back hard. We bought tons of $5 footlongs at Subway, which had done some major product placements in episodes. The show’s star, Zach Levi (pictured), actually made subs in a Subway in Europe.

Just watch one episode, and you’ll fall in love -- I swear.

In other news, one of my friends gave me "Nightlight," the "Twilight" spoof by the Harvard Lampoon. For those of you, like me, who can’t stand "Twilight," it's hilarious. It mercilessly attacks not only Stephanie Meyer’s writing style, but also the ludicrousness of the main character. This is required reading for "Twilight" friends and foes alike.

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