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China/Google in a graphic

I’ve been following the Google/China story I wrote about last week pretty closely. So this morning, I found THIS graphic.

I thought the graphic gave a pretty good indication of the internet situation in China.

The site as a whole is pretty cool. It’s devoted to infographic. I hadn’t seen many info-designs until my best friend got me a subscription to Good magazine last year. Good is a new magazine; it's published 4 times a year. What makes Good unique is that they have no subscription fee. Rather, you donate $20 to a charity and get a subscription. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, Good devotes a lot of their coverage to infographics. You can see them HERE. And, information is beautiful if devoted entirely to these type graphics. So now I have a new Web site to procrastinate on.

I also found another site not too long ago: click HERE. Letters of Note features “correspondence deserving a wider audience.” In the past few weeks they’ve posted a note from Monica Lewinsky to President Bill Clinton and the letter that began Superman. There’s a certain irony to using a Web site to preserve and display letters. And I love it.

Letters are special

I’ve said before that I’m one of the last 10 people who sends letters. There’s something I find very comforting in the physical act of writing a letter compared to typing an email. There’s also something very special about receiving a letter.

My best friend leaves for Africa in about 10 days. She’ll be gone for a couple of months, with no phone and no internet. While I’m terrified something will happen to her, and we’ll never find out, I’m secretly looking forward to having an excuse to write letters.

I just hope my letters don’t end up on some Web site in 20 years or so.

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