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Favorite sports movies

After I mentioned “Bull Durham” in my last entry, it caused me to think a lot about sports movies. I love sports movies. I think it’s the clear-cut good vs. evil type idea. Or maybe it’s the feel-good endings.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how much I love “bad movies.” And a couple of the movies I brought up, “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and “Cool Runnings” are sports movies. I think these two movies combine my love of sports movies with my love of pure, cheesy movies.

But the list of great sports movies extends beyond “D2” and “Cool Runnings.” Sports Illustrated named “Bull Durham” as the greatest sports movie of all time. They say, “The dialogue is sharp and funny…” and it is. I understand what they’re getting at, but I don’t know how you choose the greatest.
Some of my other favorite sports movies include:

“Field of Dreams": Yet another great Kevin Costner baseball movie. I first saw this movie on a bus trip to Yankee Stadium. I can hardly think of a more appropriate time to watch a movie about baseball’s past and present.

“Remember the Titans": I was obsessed with this movie during middle school. I watched it once a month for at least a year. It tells the story of a southern high school in the '60s going through the process of integrating their football team. I get the chills every time I watch it, and the soundtrack is stupendous.

“Sandlot": Hands down one of the best sports movies. And as far as I can tell, it’s routinely left off lists of the best sports movies. It’s hysterical and catches kids at their most innocent. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I laugh.

“Jerry Maguire": It’s clichéd, I know, and it's spawned cheesy catchphrases. And, Tom Cruise has since gone nuts (jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch). But it’s a feel-good story about a man finding his morals, and trying to stick to them.

I could go on for hours. But I’ll stop myself.

Have a favorite sports movie? Leave a comment. And Dr.ChimRicholds, you owe me a topic.

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April 13, 2009
12:10 p.m.

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Some you missed:

Slap Shot

Angels In The Outfield

Rookie Of The Year -


Definitely loving "Sandlot" love.

April 14, 2009
8:14 a.m.

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Major League.
The Replacements.

April 14, 2009
11:14 a.m.

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Ok, I've got one. My sister recently sent me this link:

Do you agree with the quote? Why or why not?

Also, I tried sending you a friend request on Facebook. Do you have a profile pic? Because I think I might have sent a request to someone else who has the same name as you.



April 14, 2009
12:30 p.m.

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You guys got a lot of the best ones already, but here are mine:
Remember the Titans
Fever Pitch(as a red sox fan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Cool Runnings
Field of Dreams
okay, I'll admit I've never seen the Mighty ducks all the way through, as well as Sandlot, but what I've seen of them is good!

April 14, 2009
4:42 p.m.

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I can't believe I forgot The Replacements! I love Keanue (?) Reeves. Also, Rookie of the Year was one of my favorites when I was little. The pitching coach is hysterical.

To the doctor: I don't think I got your friend request. I do have a profile picture. There's one other person in it. Email me if you still can't find it. Also, check tomorrow about the quote.


April 14, 2009
4:44 p.m.

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"Slap Shot" is definitely the first that comes to mind. I'll always watch "A League of Their Own," too.

April 14, 2009
6:43 p.m.

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Top of my list:
The Bad News Bears

Also way up there:
Breaking Away

Coincidentally, Jackie Earle Haley is in both, and both feature soundtracks with great opera music (I'm not an opera buff by any means).

April 20, 2009
4:12 p.m.

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"Pride of the Yankees" "61" "Raging Bull" "Caddyshack"

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