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Farewell blog

Busy college junior Elizabeth Held of Niskayuna signs off after giving readers her thoughts on a variety of subjects for more than two years.

Go U.S. soccer team!

The World Cup is an inclusive “we.” And it’s a good feeling.

Watching Hildy and Walter on

Having fun watching an old Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell film on

Finding fun things to do

Blogs like Katie’s make it easier for us to find something to do.

Downtown delights

Be it a trip to the Greenmarket or to an event at Proctors, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at downtown Schenectady.

A dangerous precedent

We’re living in a time when a small minority of radicals have so terrified those in media that they’re self-censoring.

Missing the point

As you all know, censorship scares me. But this type of censorship in particular scares me.

Improving my balancing act

As I head into finals, which are a month away, it gets easy for me to start ignoring things that I enjoy doing.

Texas conservatives changing textbooks

There’s some crazy stuff going on in Texas right now as the state Board of Education prepares to order new textbooks.

Love those Saints!

I spent Monday night with 10,678 of my closest friends at the Times Union Center cheering on the Saints.

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