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Margaret Hartley's Greenpoint
by Margaret Hartley


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Ideas on greener living

The simple season

If we don't buy too much, we won't waste so much. Also, drive carefully.

Thankful for quiet, thankful for time

It’s so easy to forget the beauty of the world we live in.

The world looks different on a hike in November

The fall colors are gone, and the variety of grays and browns make a quieter, but no less beautiful, vista.

Foolish hen gets needed support

Listen up, hens: Hatching out a brood on Nov. 1 is not clever.

A new sprout and a special place to grow

I expect this new baby won’t be afraid of raw milk or scraped knees or snakes or spiders. He certainly won’t be afraid of getting dirty.

Hidden wild places, good for the soul

If you look, you can find slices of wilderness in the most urban of areas, or travel a bit to really wild places.

Foam packaging is problem with few solutions

Banning foam takeout containers one way to keep styrene out of fish diets. And our own.

It’s time for slow cooking, making most of energy

And as with all appliances, from slow cookers to standard ovens, using the smallest one appropriate to the job saves energy and money.

It’s time for slow cooking, making most of energy

Composting keeps cycle going for healthy, rich soil

Finding out that 2015 has been designated the International Year of Soil, at least by the Soil Science Society of America, is exciting to me.

Veggies pile up in house as we prepare for winter

The firewood is piling up outside the door like a prediction.

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