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Sara Foss's Thinking It Through
by Sara Foss

Thinking It Through

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Fireworks law gives license for idiocy

Legalizing fireworks has led to people shooting them off whenever and wherever they want.

The Onrust sails on -- despite setbacks, volunteers have been busy

A day on the Onrust

List of free concert tickets not thrilling

There’s an old expression: Don’t look a pair of gift tickets in the mouth.

Watching “Green Room”

R.I.P., Anton Yelchin

Still no real plan on NYRA future

It’s difficult to find heroes in the squabble over control of the New York Racing Association.

Soda tax simply a revenue source

Last week Philadelphia passed a soda tax, which struck me as notable, although not for the reason you might think.

Exploring in New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Why doesn’t the Capital Region offer pop-up gardens and shoofly pie?

Silence that could prevent killings is maddening

It's maddening when people who can stop a mass killing don't say anything.

CAB gives young offenders a second chance

The goal of Schenectady's Community Accountability Board, which provides low-level, mostly juvenile, offenders with an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system, is people accountable and give them a greater sense of purpose and a desire to stay out of trouble.

Cuomo’s boycott directive is off base

One of my favorite wedding gifts was an easy-to-use kitchen gadget that carbonates water, enabling people to make their own soda.

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