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by Sara Foss

Thinking It Through

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Casinos don't gamble on design

Casinos don't gamble on the way they're designed.

Time to let ride-share businesses upstate

I recently used Uber for the first time, and while it wasn’t the revelatory experience its most ardent advocates would have us believe, it was fine.

Watching “Deadpool” and “Midnight Special”

A mutant in love, and a boy with special power

Shootings troubling even if justified

Not too long ago, I observed that Capital Region police rarely shoot and kill civilians.

'Blue laws' are annoying fun killers

'Blue laws' treat adults like children.

Goodbye, Prince

My wedding was great, but it would have been perfect if the DJ had included some Prince

Sanders’ message hit home upstate

rior to the New York state primary, I boldly predicted to my husband that Bernie Sanders would win our Albany neighborhood.

Primary process imperfect, but OK

The unexpected relevance of New York’s presidential primary has thrust it into the national spotlight, and not all of the attention is favorable.

Silver’s reputation falls even further

I’m not sure I ever thought of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as an especially good person, but he always seemed like a decent enough husband: married for decades, with children and grandchildren and a reputation as an observant, Orthodox Jew.

NBA Playoffs, First Round Picks

There are some intriguing match-ups and there should be some good games.

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