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Sara Foss's Thinking It Through
by Sara Foss

Thinking It Through

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NFL Picks, Week 4

Go, team!

New toll system perhaps too E-Z?

Bay State's view toll system perhaps too E-Z?

Rise of the ‘dapper dervish’ never turned heads?

If the allegations against him are to be believed, Kaloyeros is smart but corrupt, charismatic but morally and ethically challenged, the latest in a long line of corrupt state leaders to be felled by hubris and a seemingly insatiable appetite for power.

Cuomo wasn’t indicted, but isn’t blameless

Upstate New York deserves better. It deserves better than bid-rigging and bribes, influence-peddling and fraud.

NFL Picks, Week 3

My predictions for the games ahead.

Millennials shown to be selective gamblers

Millennials don’t gamble.

Watching 'Don’t Think Twice' and 'Don’t Breathe'

Two movies worth your time.

Shooting leaves child without a parent, again

Another child in Schenectady is fated to grow up without a parent.

NFL Picks, Week 2

The season is off to a fun start

New police chief saying all the right things

Schenectady's new police chief, Eric Clifford, is saying all the right things.

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