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At My Sister’s Bridal Shower

There’s a maximum level of fun a bridal shower can attain, and I think that my sister Lesley’s bridal shower, held last weekend at a brewery in Maine, attained it.

In general, the prospect of dining with a group of ladies and watching a bride-to-be open presents does not fill me with great excitement. But with the right attitude and right group of people even the most potentially wearying social obligations can be transformed into something meaningful and fun. At least, that’s my philosophy.

While the various men in tow got to hang out in the brewery’s main dining room, eating lunch and drinking beer, the women were treated to a tasty smorgasbord of appetizers, sangria, water and tea. There was plenty of time for socializing, and then we plunged into the activity portion of the event, the highlight of which was Lesley Trivia. In Lesley Trivia, participants answer questions about the bride-to-be, scribbling their answers on a sheet of paper, and then tally up their points. Questions ranged from “Where did Lesley go to high school?” to “What is Lesley’s place to get a non-alcoholic beverage?” to “How many cats do Lesley and John have? What are their names?”

I ended up winning Lesley Trivia, which might explain why I enjoyed it so much. I tied my mother with 14 out of a total of 17 points, which led to some grumbling about how maybe immediate family should have been barred from competition. My sister Rebecca then posed a tie-breaker question: “Where were Lesley and John first witnessed kissing?” I was tempted to throw up my hands and say that I didn’t know, but I suddenly recalled that Lesley was living with two people named Matt and Meredith when she met John, and decided to make an educated guess. “Matt and Meredith’s house!” I yelled. And promptly won a pretty scarf. Which also led to some grumbling, about how I should just give the scarf to my mother, because I would never wear such a thing.

After Lesley Trivia, we moved on to gift opening, and the first to be opened was the blender I’d picked out at Bed Bath & Beyond the night before. Lesley seemed happy with it, and then she proceeded to open about a bazillion more gifts. At this point, my eyes glazed over a little bit, as they often do at bridal showers, but I was able to entertain myself by making wisecracks, making faces at my 2-year-old niece and eating the delicious little pastries that one of my sister’s friends made.

Of course, the real highlight of the event was nothing material. It was my sister’s happiness, her genuine excitement about getting married and the company of friends and family. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and it was impossible not to get caught up in it.

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