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NBA Finals Pick

So here we are at last.

After weeks of playoff basketball, we’ve arrived at an NBA finals match-up that feels almost preordained. For the second year in a row, the Miami Heat will face the San Antonio Spurs. Last year, the Spurs lost in seven games. Will the outcome be different this year?

Yes, I think so. It should be a close series, but the Spurs are a slightly better team than they were last year, and the Heat are slightly worse. LeBron James has been his typical awesome self, but his supporting cast has struggled at times, and the Heat’s bench, in particular, seems weak. The team was obviously hoping that Greg Oden or Michael Beasley might prove useful down the stretch, but neither player has contributed much. Miami does have the Birdman, and the Birdman is a valuable weapon. And Dwayne Wade is fairly healthy.

The one thing that could really hurt San Antonio is Tony Parker’s injury, but I suspect he’ll be ready to play when the finals start on Thursday. People often focus on San Antonio’s big three — Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Parker — but the team has a budding star in Kawhi Leonard, along with a deep bench built around players such as Boris Diaw and Patty Mills. They are a tough, smart basketball team, and they are eager to beat the Heat and win the franchise’s fifth championship.

I’m not a Spurs fan, but I’d like to see them win, mainly because of the respect I have for Duncan, Coach Greg Popovich and the rest of the team. And while picking against the Heat is always a risky proposition, due to the fact that they have the best player in the world on their roster, I’m going to do it.

Spurs in 7.

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June 16, 2014
4:27 a.m.

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Congratulations on picking the Spurs. I was very skeptical when you wrote this and started to post a sarcastic response. Glad I resisted the urge. Who would have thought the Heat would get steamrolled like this?

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