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NFL Conference Championship Picks

Last weekend I watched the Patriots-Chargers game with the New England Sports Fan Friend. As usual, the New England Sports Fan Friend experienced many highs and lows during the game, swinging between euphoria and despair and back again.

“There’s no in between with him,” observed his wife, during that tense period of time when a Colts comeback seemed possible, even likely.

But then the Patriots pulled ahead, which allowed the New England Sports Fan Friend to pose questions such as, “Do you think Tom Brady is the most important athlete in the history of Boston sports?” and “Do you think Tom Brady is a god?” (My answers: 1. No, not when Bill Russell exists and 2. Perhaps a demigod, but god seems like a bit of a stretch.)

Anyway, the New England Sports Fan Friend began worrying about the conference championship as soon as the Pats-Colts game ended. “Do you think the Pats can win?” he asked. “Or is it impossible?” I shrugged. “It’s certainly possible,” I said. “But the odds are stacked against them.” At that point, the New England Sports Fan Friend’s wife offered a helpful suggestion. “Maybe you should try to enjoy this win for a few more hours,” she said. The New England Sports Fan Friend shook his head. “I don’t think I can do it,” he said.

I haven’t spoken to the New England Sports Fan Friend since last weekend, but I expect him to be in full frenzy mode when we meet up on Sunday for the New England-Denver game. Meanwhile, people keep asking me if I’m going to pick the Patriots this week. “I pick them every week,” I told one of these people. “I know,” he said. “But I can’t believe you’re going to pick them this week!” Which makes me wonder: What part of “I pick them every week?” do people not understand? I pick the Patriots when they are underdogs, and when they are the favorites and when the match-ups are even. And I am going to pick them this week, too, even though nobody thinks they can win.

As always, the winning team in caps.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at Denver Broncos — Admittedly, I’d have a lot more confidence if this game was being played in Massachusetts. But whatever! The Patriots are going to shock the world when they travel to the mile high city and upset the mighty Broncos. (Time to dust off my pre-2004 Red Sox “Believe” signs.)

San Francisco 49ers at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — These teams are evenly matched. They both have talented offensive weapons, exciting young quarterbacks and strong defenses. But the Seahawks will prevail, because they’re at home. And because they’re better than the 49ers.

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