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Listening to the Disposable Rocket Band

Earlier this month I checked out a Capital Region band that deserves more attention: the Disposable Rocket Band.

A space-themed electronic rock band with a flair for the theatrical, the Disposable Rocket Band’s “DRB 9000 Loves You” show kicked off the Eclectic Performance Series at Steamer No. 10 Theatre in Albany. I’ve been to a handful of Eclectic Performance Series shows, and they’re always delightfully weird. Which is why I had few expectations for the Disposable Rocket Band other than strangeness. And it’s safe to say that my expectations were met.

The Disposable Rocket Band performs in costume, with their leader, known as Captain Kane, dressed in a space helmet and spacesuit. Other odd-looking characters dance and run around the aisles. And there’s a plot, which involves escaping from aliens and escaping to Albany. The music — a potent blend of electronic mandolin, drum machine and electronics — was accompanied by odd visuals. In other words, there was no shortage of strange things to look at. Or listen to.

The show was exciting and kinetic, while the music was hard-driving, complex, fun to listen to and very danceable. This isn’t sleepy ambient music, but something more akin to prog and Krautrock. After the show, my friend picked up the Disposable Rocket Band album “Apocalyptic Propulsion Unit,” which I promptly borrowed from him and listened to nonstop. It’s a really good CD that I’ve enjoyed both as background music and music to lift my spirits. (You can find the album here).

After the concert, my friend informed me that there are a number of space-themed musical genres, such as space reggae and space disco. I expressed some amazement, as I’d never heard of either of these things, so my friend put together a three-hour playlist filled with space disco songs such as Dee D. Jackson’s “Automatic Lover” and “The Force” by the Droids. I’ve listened to some of it, and it’s good. I’m not sure how much space-themed music I need in my life, but I can see that I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg.

And that the next time the Disposable Rocket Band puts on one of their wild shows, I should make a point of going.

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