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It’s spring, and that means baseball

During that last painfully cold week in March, one of my colleagues remarked that it was hard to believe the start of baseball season was just a week away. On Monday night, when I attempted to go jogging, only to turn back when I was nearly blown off my feet by the frigid gale-force winds at Empire State Plaza, I marveled at winter’s staying power. Baseball seemed remote and far away.

But things have changed. For one thing, it’s gotten warmer. Last night I went jogging, and it was quite pleasant — windy, but not too windy, cool, but not too cold. When I got home, I checked the baseball scores and was happy to see that the Red Sox were beating the Orioles.

It’s gotten sunnier. I’m wearing my sunglasses more when I drive. I’m also hearing more birds. The entire plaza is open to pedestrians again, and I’m seeing more joggers and walkers when I venture up there for my evening constitutional.

This year’s NBA season has been a dud, at least for me — the Boston Celtics have been terrible, and I’ve found myself unable to get excited about any other team. The Pacers? The Rockets? The Warriors? The Thunder? I’m finding it tough to care about any of these teams.

Which is why the arrival of the baseball season is such a breath of fresh air. Who knows what will happen? But the Red Sox should be in contention, and it should be fun to follow the team through spring, summer and fall. And the Red Sox are coming off an unexpected World Series victory — the team gets its rings today — so everybody’s happy.

I’m sure there will be the usual drama that comes with the long baseball season. Already, there’s been some sort of mini-controversy over whether the selfie David Ortiz shot with President Obama on the Red Sox’s trip to the White House was actually a publicity stunt for Samsung. But this isn’t something I feel the need to concern myself.

As I write this, the Red Sox are about to take the field for their home opener against the Milwaukee Brewers, and have just unveiled their 2013 championship banner. It’s supposed to start raining soon, and will likely rain throughout Saturday. But who cares? It’s spring, and baseball is here.

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