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NFL Picks, Week 11

Every year I participate in a Pigskin Pick ’em group organized by an obnoxious friend of mine from high school who spends his Sundays doing nothing but watching NFL football. I spend very little time watching football, and yet I continue to dream of beating him. And so every week I dutifully make my picks.

As always, the winning team is in caps.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at Tennessee Titans — Boy, the Colts sure laid an egg last week. They’ll recover this week against a Titans team that will be without starting QB Jake Locker for the rest of the season.

ATLANTA FALCONS at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The Falcons are pretty bad, but they’re not as bad as the Buccaneers.

New York Jets at BUFFALO BILLS — Most of the Bills’ losses have come against decent teams, which is why I think they stand a good chance of beating Team Blowhard at home.

Baltimore Ravens at CHICAGO BEARS — I’ve given up on the Ravens. They never win when I pick them to win. And they are not going to win this week, when they take on the Bears on the road.

Cleveland Browns at CINCINNATI BENGALS — The Bengals are an up and down sort of team, but so are the Browns. My guess is that the home field advantage will give Cincinnati the edge.

DETROIT LIONS at Pittsburgh Steelers — I’ve been a big Lions skeptic, but they’ve picked up some quality wins and now I’m fully on the Detroit bandwagon. And the Steelers are terrible, which should help the Lions’ cause.

Oakland Raiders at HOUSTON TEXANS — I was on the verge of picking Oakland to win this game, but then I remembered that the Raiders are one of the most untrustworthy teams in football. Of course, I’ll be kicking myself if they happen to beat the Texans on Sunday.

Washington Redskins at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES — Are the Eagles finally starting to put it together after a string of bad losses? I’m cautiously optimistic.

Arizona Cardinals at JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS — This is actually a winnable game for the woeful Jaguars. But I can’t bring myself to pick Jacksonville.

San Diego Chargers at MIAMI DOLPHINS — The Dolphins are in turmoil, but the Chargers have a bad habit of losing games they should win.

Green Bay Packers at NEW YORK GIANTS — With Packers QB Aaron Rodgers out, and some no-name back-up taking his place, I have no choice but to pick the Giants.

Minnesota Vikings at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — The 2-7 Vikings are no match for the 9-1 Seahawks.

San Francisco 49ers at NEW ORLEANS SAINTS — The 49ers just aren’t as good as they were last season, and they stand very little chance against a very good Saints team.

Kansas City Chiefs at DENVER BRONCOS — The Chiefs are very, very good. But they are not going to beat the Broncos at home.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at Carolina Panthers — This could actually be a very good game. The Panthers are finally playing well. The Patriots are coming off a bye week, and should be healthier and better than ever. Can they beat a hungry Carolina team? We’ll find out.

Last week’s results:

Me: 7-7 Overall: 93-54

My obnoxious friend: 5-9 Overall 94-53

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