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Thinking It Through

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My Christmas List

It’s an annual ritual: When I go home for Thanksgiving, my mother demands that I give her a Christmas list. Usually I ignore her and post the list on my blog, but this year her relentless harassment wore me down, and I emailed her my list shortly before my Sunday departure. Here it is, with a few additional items:

— A good backpack. Next year I hope to spend a week hiking on the Appalachian Trail with my friend Sadie. In order to do this, I will need a good backpack — something bigger and more substantial than the compact CamelBak that I currently use.

— A coffee maker. Now that I drink coffee, it would probably be good to have a coffee maker. Not that I mind patronizing the little coffee shop around the corner — considering the lack of amenities in my neighborhood, I consider keeping this little coffee shop in business an important responsibility. But sometimes the little coffee shop is closed. And sometimes it just makes more sense to make your own coffee.


— “Magic and Loss” by Lou Reed. Ever since Lou died, I’ve been thinking this would be good to own.

— “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire. Every time I hear another awesome single off this album, I think that it would be good to own.

— “Pure Heroine” by Lorde. Lorde does an excellent cover of The Replacements’ song “Swingin’ Party.” It’s not on this album, but it’s so good it makes me think that I must acquire Lorde’s hit debut sometime soon.


— Usually I have a long list of new books I want, but this year I can only think of one: Dave Eggers’ new novel “The Circle.” After reading “Zeitoun,” I wasn’t sure I needed to read anything by Eggers ever again, but then I heard about “The Circle,” and became intrigued. A dystopian novel about a cult-like social media company? Sounds great!


— Socks. Of course.

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