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Baseball troubles? Not for Sox fans

Sources tell me that baseball fans are disenchanted with the game this year, due to the Biogenesis scandal.

Well, I am not disenchanted, because I am a Red Sox fan.

For Red Sox fans, this has been a surprisingly fun season. After last year’s horror show, we expected another terrible year. Instead, the Sox are in first place. So I’m finding it easy to ignore the general discontent surrounding major league baseball, and enjoy the season. Here are some of the reasons why I’m excited:

Jake Peavy — The Red Sox acquired this former Cy Young award winner to shore up the starting rotation, and he was dominant in his Saturday debut. Sure, it’s only one game (Sox fans were pretty excited about Dice-K’s strong debut, if I remember correctly), but it seemed like a harbinger of things to come. Plus, Peavy is an intense competitor who really, really wants to win — just the sort of guy the Sox need. (I like Clay Buchholz, but there’s a reason I often refer to him as a fragile flower.) In any case, I like his style.

Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz — These guys have been around a while, and they’re both having terrific seasons. (I, for one, was pretty happy not to see David Ortiz pop up on the Biogenesis list.) With so many new people on the team, the veteran presence of Pedroia and Ortiz is a continued and welcome reminder of the Sox’s relatively recent glory days.

Jose Iglesias — Yes, he was sent packing in the trade for Jake Peavy, but during his short stint with the team, he was pretty fun.

Koji Uehara — The closer position was something of a headache earlier this year, with Andrew Bailey blowing saves and getting hurt and whatnot, and Joel Hanrahan out for the season; every time Bailey took the mound, I expected something bad to happen. Anyway, the strong pitching of Koji Uehara has stabilized the bullpen, and helped contribute to the Sox’s success at the end of games.

Daniel Nava — I love this guy.

Walk-Off Wins — The Red Sox have 11 walk-off wins, which is two shy of the franchise record, set in 1940, and the most since 1978. Thursday’s win, in which the Sox rallied from five runs down in the ninth against the Seattle Mariners, was pretty exciting — I thought the game was over, and was shocked when I checked the final score. This was one of those “Anything is possible!” games (yes, I’m quoting Kevin Garnett) that really makes you think this Red Sox team has a future.

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