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NFL Picks, Week 4

Every year I participate in a Pigskin Pick ’em group organized by an obnoxious friend of mine from high school who spends his Sundays doing nothing but watching NFL football. I spend very little time watching football, and yet I continue to dream of beating him. And so every week I dutifully make my picks.

Good news — it looks like the real referees are returning. This means I won’t have to write an angry diatribe urging everyone to shut off their TVs on Sunday and ignore football until this whole mess is straightened out. Anyway, onto the picks. As usual, the winning team is in caps.

Cleveland Browns at BALTIMORE RAVENS — This game is sort of a cruel joke — like the junior varsity trying to hold their own against the varsity. Obviously, the Ravens should win without any trouble.

Carolina Panthers at ATLANTA FALCONS — The Panthers are not the team everybody thought they were going to be, while the Falcons appear to have finally turned a corner and become a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Poor Cam Newton should have plenty to pout about this week.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at Buffalo Bills — I don’t have as much confidence in the Patriots as I did just two weeks ago, but they should be able to handle the Bills, shouldn’t they? Of course, all along I’ve been saying that the Bills are better than people think, so who knows?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS at Detroit Lions — Last week I initially picked the Lions to beat Tennessee. Then I changed my mind, because I was going with so many other upsets, and nobody else seemed to think the Titans could beat the Lions. Anyway, my first instinct turned out to be correct, and when I saw that the Titans had beaten the Lions, I was furious. In any case, I see no reason to pick the Lions to beat the Vikings, as the Vikings are coming off a pretty impressive win and the Lions are coming off a pretty dismal loss, and a plethora of injuries.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS at Kansas City Chiefs — The Chiefs won their first game last week, but can they pull out another victory? I don’t think so.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at St. Louis Rams — The Seahawks won last week, but in a game that was an absolute travesty, so it’s tough to assess whether Seattle is capable of beating a tough opponent when replacement refs aren’t involved. Lucky for them the Rams are not a tough opponent.

SAN FRANCISO 49ERS at New York Jets — Team Blowhard are 2-1, but it’s a pretty weak 2-1. The 49ers stumbled last week, but should rebound this week.

Tennessee Titans at HOUSTON TEXANS — The Titans upset the Lions last week, but it wasn’t that big a deal, because the Lions stink. The Texans do not stink, and the Titans should lose. Badly.

Oakland Raiders at DENVER BRONCOS — I’ve really enjoyed watching the revamped Broncos lose, but the fun will end this week, when they play the Raiders.

Miami Dolphins at ARIZONA CARDINALS — Get ready for something crazy: A Cardinals team that is undefeated after week 4! I’m still not sure who their quarterback is, but he seems to be getting the job done.

Cincinnati Bengals at JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS — These teams seem pretty evenly matched. I’ve been on the Bengals bandwagon for a while, because I like their red-haired quarterback, but this looks like a game the improving Jaguars can win.

New Orleans Saints at GREEN BAY PACKERS — I think we can all agree: The Saints are terrible, possibly the worst team in the NFL. And the Packers are probably out for blood after that debacle in Seattle. Green Bay should win pretty easily, and the Saints’ woes will continue.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Remember when Josh Freeman was an up-and-coming quarterback? Now he looks like he should be a back-up. Meanwhile, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III appears to be the real deal, and he should pick up his second career win on Sunday.

NEW YORK GIANTS at Philadelphia Eagles — The Giants appear to have rebounded after their ridiculous week 1 loss to the Cowboys, and they should be able to defeat an Eagles team that is just not very good.

Chicago Bears at DALLAS COWBOYS — Here are two teams you just cannot trust, playing each other. More interesting than predicting the outcome is trying to figure out how many times Bears QB will get sacked and scream angrily at his teammates, and how many times Cowboys QB Tony Romo will follow up a brilliant play with a completely senseless play. As for pick: Dallas should will win, and it should be hilarious.

Week 3 results:

Me: 8-8 Overall: 31-17

My obnoxious friend: 9-7 Overall: 30-18

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