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by Sara Foss

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Playoff picks

With the Red Sox mercifully out of the baseball picture, I’ve been forced to find some other teams to root for. And it looks like there are plenty of candidates. So here are the teams I want to win each match-up.

THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS — So the Nationals are in the playoffs? Which means that Washington, D.C., will see post-season baseball for the first time in 79 years? And that dynamic rookie Bryce Harper is making his playoff debut? The team has shut down their ace, Stephen Strasburg, but still appears to have a strong chance to beat the St. Louis Cardinals, especially after winning game one. And I don’t really like the Cardinals, which makes it easier to root for the Nationals.

THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES — I’m not Orioles fan, but it’s easy to root for Baltimore to beat the Yankees. And the team’s dramatic turnaround and one-game playoff win are inspiring. I’ll be honest: As a Red Sox fan, this series is a little painful — a reminder of how far the Sox have sunk.

THE CINCINNATI REDS — Ordinarily, I’d be rooting for the San Francisco Giants. I really enjoyed their World Series run a couple years ago, and I like a lot of the people on their team. However, my favorite player from that World Series team was Tim Lincecum, who has been something of a disappointment this year and will come out of the bullpen for the playoffs. Meanwhile, former Red Sox Bronson Arroyo pitched a gem for the Reds last night, and I decided that I wanted Cincinnati to win.

OAKLAND A’S — My friend Ann, a devout Tigers fan, won’t be happy to see that I’m rooting for the A’s, but I can’t help myself. I have no idea whether A’s General Manager Billy Beane is as cool and sharp (and tormented) as Brad Pitt made him seem in “Moneyball,” but the movie made me wish for the A’s to experience success again in their lives, and they appear to have struck gold with this team. That said, the A’s are down 2-0, which means that the window for rooting for them could close very soon.

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