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NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

I did fairly well with my first round NFL playoff picks, missing only the Houston-Cincinnati game. (I picked the wrong time to bail on the Texans.) Anyway, here are my picks for this week, with the winning team in caps.

NEW ORLEANS at San Francisco — Can the 49ers’ gritty defense stop the Saints’ high-flying offense? No. The Saints will overpower the 49ers on Saturday, as New Orleans QB Drew Brees demonstrates why he’s an MVP candidate, and San Francisco QB Alex Smith demonstrates why he isn’t. Also, a lack of recent playoff experience will hurt San Francisco, as they face off against a battle-tested New Orleans team only a few years removed from winning the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — It’s been a fun ride for the Broncos, but the ride will come to a stop in Foxborough. Denver might put up a good fight, but Broncos QB Tim Tebow is no match for Patriots QB Tom Brady, and New England should be able to dominate from the early going, unless they decide to torment their fans by falling into a double-digit deficit in the first quarter.

Houston Texans at BALTIMORE RAVENS — The Texans surprised me last week, but I don’t expect a repeat performance. This injury-ravaged team was lucky to make it to the playoffs, and will die a quick death against a tough, experienced Baltimore team.

NY Giants at GREEN BAY PACKERS — There’s some chatter out there suggesting that this Giants team might resemble the Giants team that won the Super Bowl in 2008, and that a big upset is brewing. I’m sorry, but a big upset is not brewing. The Giants are no match for the Packers, and will demonstrate just how out of their depth they are on Sunday, when they completely fall apart. Maybe the game will be a little more competitive than that, but I doubt it.

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January 12, 2012
4:52 p.m.

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I agree with all your picks, and your reasoning. But somethin' tells me at least one of 'em will be wrong.

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