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NFL Picks, Week 16

Every year I participate in a Pigskin Pick ’em group organized by an obnoxious friend of mine from high school who spends his Sundays doing nothing but watching NFL football. I spend very little time watching football, and yet I continue to dream of beating him. And so every week I dutifully make my picks.

As always, winning teams in caps.

ATLANTA at Detroit — The Lions have lost six games in a row, while the Falcons have only lost two games all season. I think I’ll take the Falcons.

New Orleans at DALLAS — I’ve been a pretty big critic of the Cowboys, but you know what? I think they’ve gotten their act together. I no longer expect them to lose games they should win. Although the Saints are a tough foe, this is something of a lost season for them and I fully expect the Cowboys to prevail.

Tennessee at GREEN BAY — This shouldn’t be much of a contest.

INDIANAPOLIS at Kansas City — The Colts’ magical run to the playoffs will continue when they beat an unusually weak Chiefs team.

Buffalo at MIAMI — These teams have similar records, but the Dolphins seem like a far more formidable squad than the hapless Bills.

San Diego at NEW YORK JETS — Here are two teams that deserve each other. Honestly, it’s tough to predict who will win. Will it be Team Blowhard, starting their third-string QB? (By the way, what do you think Mark Sanchez’s problem is? My theory is that he’s just kind of a dumb guy.) Or will it be the Chargers, who have lost five of the last six games, and are simply waiting for their coach to get fired and the season to end? I’m going with Team Blowhard, but only because they’re at home.

WASHINGTON at Philadelphia — The amazing Robert Griffin III will lead the Redskins to another stirring victory against one of the league’s most disappointing teams.

Cincinnati at PITTSBURGH — I don’t trust the Bengals.

St. Louis at TAMPA BAY — Remember when Tampa Bay was one of the hotter teams in the league, winning five of six games? Well, that was a long time ago. Fortunately, they are playing the Rams, a team they’re more than capable of beating.

Oakland at CAROLINA — The Panthers have come alive in recent weeks. Oakland, not so much. (Don’t be fooled by last week’s victory over the horrible Chiefs.)

NEW ENGLAND at Jacksonsville — Watching the Patriots-49ers game made me want to hit myself over the head with a frying pan. Seriously, what happened? For a while there, it was like a big giant fumble festival. Hopefully the Pats have gotten the fumbles out of their system. But even if they haven’t, they’re playing the Jaguars.

Minnesota at HOUSTON — The loss to the Patriots was a hiccup for the Texans, who will beat the Vikings pretty easily and continue their march to the playoffs.

Cleveland at DENVER — Boy, the Broncos look pretty good. I’m already beginning to worry about a Patriots-Broncos match-up in the playoffs. As for Cleveland, they’re pretty awful, and they’ll lose again on Sunday.

CHICAGO at Arizona — The Bears have lost three in a row, but the losing streak will end this weekend, when they take on the Cardinals.

NEW YORK GIANTS at Baltimore — I have more confidence in the Giants than the Ravens, who have not played especially well in recent weeks and have lost three in a row as a result.

SAN FRANCISCO at Seattle — This should be a pretty entertaining game. And a close one! I’m taking the 49ers, mainly because I’m still reeling from watching them beat the Patriots.

Week 15 results:

Me: 10-6 Overall: 138-85
My obnoxious friend: 10-6 150-73

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