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Airline food at 35,000 feet is a well-prepared treat

Husband Eric and I got an upgrade on a recent flight from London.

Treat yourself to Snickerdoodles

Here’s an old-fashioned favorite that I can make anytime, because the ingredients are pantry staples.

Piano cake evokes memories of birthdays past

My phone chirped, and when I checked the message I teared up. It was my birthday, and my brother Ed had sent me a photo of a piano cake.

Tops in burger toppings, from bruschetta to blue cheese

What’s summer without a bunch of juicy hamburgers on the grill?

Cheesecake and cherry pie is best served cold

Cherries say summer to me, even if they come in a can.

Adding liquid continually is secret to making risotto

It’s part art, part science.

Rusty Scupper Teriyaki Marinade is easy, all-purpose

My rather successful brother Bob held a series of improbable jobs in his younger days, one of them as kitchen help in a bustling seafood-themed restaurant on Long Island called the Rusty Scupper.

Sweet, bumpy ‘crumbs’ top off pies, coffee cake and muffins

In my family, they’re just called “crumbs,” but everyone knows what that means.

Seasoning mix packet makes beef and broccoli a winning meal

Sometimes I’m inspired by products in the grocery store to try something new.

Japanese steel knives are right tools for various jobs

Some women have Add-A-Pearl. I have Add-A-Knife.

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