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Video: Tonko's fast break

A video has surfaced on YouTube showing NY Congressman Paul Tonko speeding on the Thruway.

The user who posted the video, mikheii, wrote this:

"On May 17th I was driving eastbound on Interstate 90 around 4:30 pm with my cruise control set to 73 mph (my dashcam was not updated for daylight savings). A bald man in his 60s, wearing glasses, passed me at a high rate of speed in a black Lincoln MKZ. The license plate read "US Congress District 20" as you can hear me state to the camera. A reasonable person could assume the driver to be Paul Tonko (D-NY) who represents the Albany area.

I followed him for approximately nine minutes, during which time we reached speeds of 93 mph (6 points). You can hear me stating speeds throughout the video; they mostly remained above 85 mph. I also observed him repeatedly drifting across his lane and crossing both yellow and white lines, as you can see in the video. He also followed within ten feet of another vehicle at one point (4 points).

Had a trooper observed the same behavior, he'd be facing at minimum ten points on his license; in New York, eleven gets you a suspension.

Though I didn't observe it, I would also venture a guess that he was on his phone which would explain his failure to maintain his lane, which gets you another 5 points. Kudos for always signaling his lane changes though, guess that should count for something."

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