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Hybrid icing rule to be used this season

The American Hockey League Board of Governors approved the implementation of the hybrid icing rule, beginning this season.

During last season's NHL lockout, the AHL used the hybrid icing rule, and the NHL and NHLPA must have liked the results, because they adopted the rule for the top league this season. As they did not have the rule in play last year, when the lockout ended, the AHL dropped the rule in an effort to keep a consistent application of the rule in both leagues. It was used again, by both leagues, during this fall's preseason.

"We are pleased to see the National Hockey League and the NHLPA adopt the hybrid icing rule that was successfully implemented in the AHL last season," said AHL president and CEO David Andrews. "We join with the NHL and the NHLPA in believing that this rule will reduce an unnecessary risk of injury and make our game safer for our players."

AHL Rule 82.1 (Icing) now states that on a potential icing play, at the instant the first player in pursuit of the puck reaches the end-zone faceoff dots, the linesman will determine which player would be the first to reach the puck and either whistle or wave off the icing infraction at that point.

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