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State legislators respond to Cuomo's budget

Local state legislators respond to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget.

Assemblyman Phil Steck, D-Colonie:

“Governor Cuomo’s 2013-14 proposed budget continues to move in the right direction for Capital Region families and is financially sound. The proposal calls for no new taxes, maintains spending growth under 2 percent and calls for raising the minimum wage to $8.75 per hour to help hardworking families make ends meet.

“The governor’s proposal includes an increase of 4.4 percent in school funding, which will help provide our children with the education they deserve. In addition, it continues the governor’s focus on economic development while also providing mandate relief that our local governments desperately need.

“This proposal begins the budget process and as we move forward there are three issues I feel need to be addressed. We need to completely revamp the Medicaid system, cut the cost of our judicial system and improve rail transportation in New York. I will fight to get these issues addressed and work with my colleagues and the leadership in the Assembly to ensure we have an on-time budget.”

Assemblyman Marc Butler, R-Newport:

“At first glance, I can appreciate that Gov. Cuomo’s 2013-14 Executive Budget proposal closes the $1.3 billion deficit without raising taxes on hardworking New Yorkers. We’re at a critical point where every dollar spent in our state must go toward creating jobs and lowering the tax burden on families and job creators. This is especially important and relevant in the Mohawk Valley and the North Country, which have been hit hardest by this unstable economy and New York’s job-killing policies.

“In the coming months, I am eager to look over the budget thoroughly and work to make sure that we support economic re-growth and support existing job creators by passing meaningful unfunded mandate relief for local schools and governments so that property taxes can be lowered.”

Assemblyman Tony Jordan, R-Jackson:

“While I am pleased that Gov. Cuomo’s 2013-14 Executive Budget Proposal would close the state’s $1.3 billion deficit without raising taxes on working families, we need to do much more. These families need job opportunities and relief from crushing taxes, especially our state’s escalating property taxes."

“Creating opportunities means that we must continue to invest in our economy and lift the tax and regulatory burdens placed on our job creators. As important as job creation is, we need meaningful unfunded mandate relief for schools and local governments so that property taxes can at last be lowered, keeping our communities affordable for families."

“Additionally, in Gov. Cuomo’s casino plan he continues to not disclose where these sites will be or provide any clarity as to whether any funds will be available to support the important horse racing industry."

“These are the changes I am looking for and I am eager to work with the governor and my colleagues in the legislature to see that they are implemented.”

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