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Report recommends transferring control of the Egg

The New York State Authorities Budget Office is recommending handing control of "the Egg" over to the state's Office of General Services.

A report detailing those recommendations is available below.

The report finds that the Empire State Plaza Performing Arts Center Operating Corporation Board, which runs the Egg, is not a cost-efficient operator.

“OGS has a record of success promoting, marketing and running public events enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year”, said Authorities Budget Office Director David Kidera in a statement. “Why does the state need a public authority to manage the Egg and a separate agency to manage the rest of the Plaza? Consolidating this responsibility makes fiscal and management sense."

"In the long run, we believe this action will preserve the Egg as the cultural center for the arts in the Capital District and the State”, he added.

In response to the report, the Egg's Board argued that the ABO only took s snapshot of operations, which isn't enough to judge their work. "There are virtually no references to the organization’s programming and services to the public, performing artists and the field of New York State arts presenters," they wrote.

Services offered by the Egg would be adversely impacted if the board was dissolved and OGS took over, they wrote in their response.

"The ABO‘s recommendation to dissolve the public authority is based on one year of observations of financial operation during the authority’s most challenging year," they wrote.

"Further, it ignores the services The Egg has provided and continues to provide to the audiences, artists and performing arts presenters in New York State," the board added. "Even further, there are no references made whatsoever to the long term impact The Egg’s programs and activities have had, and continue to have on the immediate Capital Region, across the state of New York and beyond."

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