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Seward says new gun-control legislation unlikely in Senate

State Sen. James Seward thinks it is unlikely that the Senate Republicans will advance any new gun-control legislation.

In the wake of recent shootings that have garnered national attention and generated calls for additional gun-control laws, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has publicly stated that New York might need to embrace new restrictions. Traditionally Republican state legislators have opposed new restrictions, which is why a variety of restrictions that have passed the Democratic controlled Assembly have died in the Republican controlled Senate.

Seward, R-Milford, who personally believes that there are enough gun-control laws currently and that they simply need to be enforced, said that most of the members in his conference share his feeling.

"Generally speaking, I think that I would not favor additional gun-control laws," he said, adding that his focus would be on heightening the penalties for illegally using guns.

"I do not see the Republican Senate moving forward with any additional gun control laws," Seward sad.

Only law-abiding citizens are hampered by current gun restrictions, he said, contending that people who want to illegally use a gun will secure one illegally if they have to.

This is a particular poignant issue for Seward, who has a "heightened sense of negativity" towards new gun restrictions because of gun manufacturers being located in his district. For him, this is also a jobs issue, as he said it's important to cultivate an atmosphere that isn't too antagonistic toward gun manufacturers.

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August 12, 2012
10:41 a.m.

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Good for Senator Seward. Relax the search and seizure laws and let the police do the job. Instead of restricting the legal owners more why not go after the illegals. Restricting legal gun owners who will comply, lets go after the illegals who always fine a way to break the law.

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