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Wormuth not resigning

Halfmoon Supervisor Mindy Wormuth thinks it is ridiculous that her colleagues would ask her to resign.

She isn't leaving before her term is over, according to a statement that is available below.

Wormuth is not seeking reelection this fall.

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Halfmoon Town Supervisor Mindy Wormurth today responded to recent allegations that appeared in the local media.

"I have neither been charged with nor convicted of any offense. I will not resign on the basis of an inaccurate newspaper story, a newspaper story which was substantially a rehash of old, discredited allegations," said Mindy Wormuth Halfmoon Town Supervisor. "I have be cleared of wrong doing before and will be cleared again."

"I find it ridiculous that Town Board members are acting so unfairly solely on the basis of an unsourced story by a newspaper which has never presented fair, balanced and objective reporting on our town. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised considering its an election year and that tends to bring out an atmosphere of innuendo, rumor and outright bunk!" said Wormuth

"I have always fought hard for the people of Halfmoon, and in my tenure have prevented a town tax and increased services to the residents. I intend to continue to do the job I was elected to do in the position I was elected to until my term expires. I respectfully request that each of the board member do theirs by continuing to work with me to serve our town," concluded Wormuth.

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