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Continued criticism of animal shelter pick

A major fundraiser for the Saratoga County Animal Shelter has doubts about the next pick to run the shelter.

On Tuesday the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors will meet to consider appointing Christina Abele, who has been recommending for the post. Sandra D’Ambro, president of the Friends of the Saratoga County Animal Shelter, wrote a letter to the Gazette arguing that pick Abele can't be qualified.

"When the former director, Dan Butler, took over the shelter over 30 years ago, he was also young and inexperienced, but the shelter was then a relatively simple operation," she wrote, arguing that it has now become a more complex operation.

"Christina has no experience in managing personnel, budgets, veterinary services, volunteer programs, and public relations at a large county animal shelter. She is a December 2012 graduate of Siena College, where she majored in business, learning the skills to successfully interview for a position," D'Ambro wrote. "Since July 2010, she volunteered as a dog walker and organized several adoption clinics — not sufficient preparation for the director’s position with a starting salary of over $61,000."

She went on to say that her group is confused the supervisors aren't acting in the best interest of the taxpayers and animals. "This is not an indictment against this young woman, but if she is the best candidate of those interviewed, the search needs to continue," D'Ambro wrote.

Abele's father is also linked to thousands of political contributions that went to Halfmoon Supervisor Mindy Wormuth and Halfmoon Republican organizations. Wormuth has played a role in advancing Abele's candidacy, which she has supported at committee level.

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