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Proposed response to comptroller's critique

A proposed corrective action plan in response to a tough audit from the state Comptroller's Office is under review in the town of Ballston.

An audit of the town's water fund's financial operations for a two-year period start on Jan. 1, 2010 found that accounting reports and records were not properly maintained. The audit says that town officials allegedly did not receive accurate and timely information that would allow them to assess the true standing of the water fund. Additionally, the audit found there aren't proper internal controls over billing and collection water usage charges. The audit estimated the town could have generated an additional $22,500 in revenue with proper procedures.

The town board considered a draft of a corrective action plan, but it was tabled because the board was two members short.

A draft copy of the plan, which was given to the Gazette by town board member William Goslin, is available below.

The plan includes an update to accounting records to obtain current balances in all water districts and a requirement to report water district balances to the board quarterly. Additionally, the plan calls for an audit on 2012 finances.

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Ballston CAP Draft

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June 30, 2013
6:10 p.m.

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Funny, did he happen to mention that the town should hire a qualified, educated, trained and competent bookkeeper, preferably from a Civil Service list, who is actually capable of maintaining the town's fiscal records? The political plant who was there for 16 years reported solely to the Republican Party, was surly to residents and blatantly rude to the Supervisor every chance she got, which is why the accounting was so bad...the poor supervisor followed what had always been done. It was Mr. Goslin who prevented the town from having a bookkeeper for a year, yet he's fast to place the responsibility on anyone else. Oddly, Mr Goslin expects a supervisor to do all the work without qualified help. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Goslin is not the Supervisor, nor is he privileged enough to speak on her behalf.

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