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1930s lounge chair is ‘a real big return’ for Proctors

The story starts with Phil Rapp, who began working at Schenectady theaters during the late 1920s.


Still a few gardening lessons to be learned

The first northern garden we had we planted in a clearing in the woods, completely forgetting that a patch of light in the early spring is deep shadow in the summer, when all the trees are fully leafed out.

Today on the Internet

NSFW Ben Affleck on Deflategate

HBO's new show "Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons" has it's first viral success: Ben Affleck talking the Deflategate controversy.

Foss Forward

List of free concert tickets not thrilling

There’s an old expression: Don’t look a pair of gift tickets in the mouth.

Your Right to Know

Economic development group opens its meetings

Group overseeing SUNY Poly, Buffalo Billions agrees to be more transparent

Food Forum

Sweet, bumpy ‘crumbs’ top off pies, coffee cake and muffins

In my family, they’re just called “crumbs,” but everyone knows what that means.

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