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Today on the Internet

Leslie Jones shows us how to handle hackers

"SNL"'s Leslie Jones is an inspiration to anyone who's ever been hacked.

Today on the Internet

Corey Feldman goes 4 it on the 'Today Show'

Child star Corey Feldman performed his latest song "Go 4 It" on the "Today Show" this week...and the nicest thing people can say about it is that, well, he went for it.

Foss Forward

Shooting leaves child without a parent, again

Another child in Schenectady is fated to grow up without a parent.

Today on the Internet

Happy Batman Day!

Step into the Batsuit, take a ride in the Batmobile, and celebrate the Dark Knight today — it's International Batman Day.

Type A to Z

Relax in the ’dacks, Schroon Lake style

A couple vacation days earlier this month meant a trip north into the Adirondacks for rest and relaxation.


Noticing signs of the summer-to-fall change

Friday was the full moon, the harvest moon. It marks the end of summer and the start of fall, which officially starts on Thursday.

Today on the Internet

A double-decker bus for your sweetheart?

Ken Morgan met his wife Shirley on a bus between Gloucester, England and Cardiff, Wales in 1956.

Foss Forward

NFL Picks, Week 2

The season is off to a fun start

Today on the Internet

All the cool stuff texting can do in iOS 10

Apple launched iOS 10 this week, and now you can do a whole lot more with your texting. Like sending messages in invisible ink, or sending some strobe lights with your "Hey."

Foss Forward

New police chief saying all the right things

Schenectady's new police chief, Eric Clifford, is saying all the right things.

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