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Your Right to Know

First emails on federal bills come in

Citizens can get updates on federal laws via email

Today on the Internet

Late night TV takes on Orlando

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, late-night TV hosts made statements about the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.


Tiny steps not enough to keep plastics out of oceans

Last week was World Oceans Day, an international celebration of all of Earth’s oceans. It’s a day to think about how the oceans act like lungs for the earth, with their plant and algae beds producing oxygen, and the water itself evaporating and condensing, falling back down as rain.

Foss Forward

CAB gives young offenders a second chance

The goal of Schenectady's Community Accountability Board, which provides low-level, mostly juvenile, offenders with an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system, is people accountable and give them a greater sense of purpose and a desire to stay out of trouble.

Today on the Internet

SPOILER ALERT: The plot of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'

Previews of the new installment of the Harry Potter saga have begun in London, and The Daily Beast has now published a full summary of the plot — against the wishes of J.K. Rowling.

Type A to Z

Sister Maria puts spirit (and food) into church Festa

Sister Maria Rosa knows the menu by heart.

Editors' Notebook

Hillary Clinton's moment was every woman's moment

The rancor dominating the presidential election obscured a truly historic moment this past week: A woman became the presumptive presidential nominee for a major political party.

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State Track List

Section II athletes converge on Cicero-North Syracuse for 2016 championships

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