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Forget pumpkin spice — it's real pumpkin season

My daughter came home for a few days last week and while we were out doing errands she bought herself some sort of pumpkin spice coffee. Later she chose a pumpkin ale for our after-dinner game time.

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A monster of a garage

This woman wins Halloween for what she's done with her garage door.

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Reshelving in the Rose Room

Watching the librarians replace the books in the New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room gives us such a sense of satisfaction.

Foss Forward

Trump tape spurs women to talk about sex assault

My good friend Jane was the first person to share details of her sexual assault with me.

Your Right to Know

Feds behind on electronic information requests

No reason for agencies not to accept FOIA requests by email

Foss Forward

Inspired by eager, young writers

I'm back in school.

Today on the Internet

Debate hero Ken Bone takes on Reddit

The man in the red sweater, presidential debate breakout star and undecided voter Ken Bone, took his newfound internet fame to Reddit, for one of the site's famed AMAs (aka an "ask me anything" chat).


Harvest time makes for happy season

My sister has a vegetable garden for the first time in many years, and she’s been delighted with how much she’s been able to grow in a small space — beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, greens and herbs.

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