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Peepers singing means spring is really here

The shrill song of those tiny swamp dwellers is, for me, the true sign of spring.

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Great-grandma’s chopped liver adapts to the times

This recipe for the Passover Seder has been passed down through the generations.

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Primary process imperfect, but OK

The unexpected relevance of New York’s presidential primary has thrust it into the national spotlight, and not all of the attention is favorable.

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Silver’s reputation falls even further

I’m not sure I ever thought of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as an especially good person, but he always seemed like a decent enough husband: married for decades, with children and grandchildren and a reputation as an observant, Orthodox Jew.

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In memory of 'Dan of Steel'

A Niskayuna woman has her hair shaved this weekend for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser and in memory of her late husband.

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NBA Playoffs, First Round Picks

There are some intriguing match-ups and there should be some good games.

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