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Posted on April 10 at 8:57 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Waterford could use a new flood plain map and lower rates.
We are paying for Hurricane Sandy damage in NYC & Long Island.

From: Schumer calls on FEMA to redraw Johnstown flood maps

Posted on February 24 at 7:27 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Dr. Strauss, Social Security is indeed one of the more successful, popular government programs. When it was enacted , life expectancy was in the mid-fifties.
If someone made it to 65, they got a couple of years of retirement paid for with the funds of those who didn't make it to that age. Today, life expectancy is 78, so the average person is retired for a much longer period of time. Life expectancy is going up. The future monetary projections don't work and the program needs fixing with either additional contributions, higher retirement ages or both. Politicians who say otherwise are simply not being truthful.

From: Clean up problems in gov't, welfare, crime

Posted on February 5 at 12:04 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Mr.Horrocks, You make some good points about Jesus and his teachings Food for thought.

However,There is waste and fraud in our government ! The most recent example being the Assembly Speaker. He collected $ 6 Million (that we know of) from a law firm that only represents property owners in NYC who want their taxes reduced.
If he is getting $ 6 Million , the Law firm made at least that amount. How much were taxes reduced for those who paid them ? How much were taxes then raised on others because of the reduction to those who paid off our elected officials ?

In Tom Coburn's " Waste Book " there is example after example of money wasted by the government. Did you know that we purchased $ 800 Million worth of military airplanes from Italy that the Air Force didn't want. We immediately sold the planes for scrap metal ? Why ?

When the argument for a new birth control program paid for by the taxpayers was made, Senator Coburn pointed out that we already have programs in place that have enough funding for every woman of child bearing age in the United States to receive free birth control twice. Why should we pay for it a 3rd time?, He was labeled anti-woman.

Did you know that Stage Hands at Carnegie Hall in NYC are paid
$ 425,000 each & $ 100,000 plus in benefits ? When an appropriations committee member objected to another increase in funding in Arts until we looked into how our money is being spent he was deemed a Neanderthal and Anti- Arts.

When you do the Math and see what we spend on Social Service programs and see that we spend over $100,000 per family of 4 but they only receive benefits of $ 25,000. When you question the efficiency of the delivery system of these benefits you are a racist.

Argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person's character, rather than to the content of their arguments. We attach an Anti, Racist, etc label because we don't want to look at the logic of the argument and have a discussion. Perhaps because the arguments can't be justified ?

We need people to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and repeating the talking points of their political parties. Just giving the Government more of other peoples money is not solving our problems.( News Flash- They are taking and wasting your money as well) What if we were able to get the benefits of social programs to people that need them for 50% of their budgets instead of 75 % ? That would be a 100% increase in benefits to those that need them without raising taxes. For every example of waste outlined, ( I was limited to 3000 characters,there were many more) some Politico is getting something. This is the main reason that there is resistance to simplifying the tax code. What happens to political contributions on both sides if elected Representatives can't benefit from giving a tax break to their preferred group because there are no tax breaks to give?

From: Nice to see attention to Martin Luther King

Posted on December 6 at 6:22 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Mr. Alvarez, put down your Kool-Aid and come up for air.

The Stated Unemployment Rate is indeed down, however the number of full time workers is also down. All that has happened is that "discouraged workers" are no longer looking for work, so they are no longer considered in calculating the unemployment rate. The number of people on SSI has risen dramatically as unemployment benefits run out, people are moved to SSI disability with " anxiety" the number of people on food stamps has risen from 26 Million in 2008 to over 46 Million in 2014. This is not economic success. The jobs that are created are part time jobs for 29 hours or less , so that employers don't have to provide insurance under ACA.

If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can look up that in November 2008
there were 120 Million full time workers in the United States,( Population 304 Million) November 2014 statistics show 119 Million.( Population 317 Million) There is now a new category in the labor statistics, the Involuntary Part time worker. People who would like to work full time, but can only get part time work. Usually working more then one part time job, for less then they used to make fulltime.

Inflation is near zero ? Have you been to the store recently ? Oh, they no longer calculate food in the market basket of goods that determine inflation so even though those prices keep rising , they are not reported as they are no longer part of the formula.

Gas prices are controlled by the free market, the supply is up, so the price is down.
( Gas was $ 1.95 in 2008 when the President took office)

As far as the ACA concerned, did you listen to Jonathan Gruber ( architect of Obamacare) ? He boasted that they lied to you because they think you are to stupid to understand that it is a tax on the Middle Class.

There are lies, damn lies, Accounting and then there are statistics.

From: President Obama has delivered on improving country

Posted on November 17 at 9:14 p.m. (Suggest removal)

If we have a $ 5 Billion surplus, why did we just pass a bond act to borrow $ 2 Billion for technology updates for schools ? Don't borrow the money and pay interest for 20 years on something that is going to be outdated in 3-5 years, use the surplus for this and pay down our highest interest debt with the remainder.

From: NY Senate GOP backs deal with breakaway Democrats

Posted on October 24 at 10 a.m. (Suggest removal)

I don't have an interest for or against the project as I no longer live in Schenectady. I used to work at the Coyne Textile plant across Front St. from the site. We had a parking lot in the back of the building and one out front. When there was an Ice Dam and the water would start to rise you had approximately 5 minutes to move your car from the back lot to the front or your car would be underwater. I haven't seen any stories about the ice dams in a few years, but it is something to account for when making plans.

From: Floods biggest fear for Mohawk Harbor

Posted on September 15 at 8:33 a.m. (Suggest removal)

David and Ruth, Thank you for all of the year of running such a great establishment.
My family truly enjoyed it. Enjoy your retirement.

From: Beloved by generations, Hoffman's closes doors

Posted on August 4 at 10:37 p.m. (Suggest removal)

How about paying down some of the higher interest debt ?

From: NY looking at options for using $4.2B surplus

Posted on July 1 at 9:52 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Bravo Mr.Norris, The shootings every day and link to TV & Movies is tough to verify.
Gun deaths are 1/3 of what they were in the 1950's . They were 18 deaths per hundred thousand people in the 1950's by gun, today they are just over 6 per hundred thousand people per the CDC. The difference is that in the 1950's when Ozzie & Harriet and I Love Lucy were on TV, if someone was shot in Glens Falls you might hear about it, if they were shot in Plattsburgh you probably wouldn't hear about it. Now we regularly hear about gun deaths in places like California and are led to believe that gun deaths are increasing. It is simply not true.

From: Poor data resulted in the diluted new marijuana law

Posted on December 9 at 6:08 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Tom - 100 years ago life expectancy was 50.3 years for men and 55 for women in the United States.
Today life expectancy is over 80, an increase of 30 years per person. Not bad with all of those
Additional chemicals, fast food and corporations.

From: Someone’s got to keep greedy corporations in check, why not nanny?

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