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Posted on March 31 at 8:58 a.m. (Suggest removal)

And not one penny was reduced from the pork barrell member items, not one penny. They sure send a message that they will protect thier political lives, its an insult, the budget is rising using stimulis funds, the three "Men in a dream land" without input from assembly or senate members determined all the choices, Why do we even need a politicl member if they have only one role of being rubber stamping this budget, The NY Post has it rignt " The budget is a monstrously bloated, tax and spend plant that, in one fell swoop reverses a three decade long effort to streghten business and prevnt taxpayers from fleeing the state" This one and done Governeur and his "Associates" will face the tax payers in the next election and I hope there memory doesn't fade when they puchase beer, or cigars, on increased car registration fees, a new surchaerge on gas/electric bills, or rent a car, or HMO Taxes on health plans, or fishing licenses, or bottled water deposits, or license plate fees, or wine, Is this the best that a government can accomplish???? Its seriousily time for a tax payer revolt, This is more than increased taxes, it is a method of madness that must stop, Return the power to the people, Don't let Patterson, and Silver and
Smith control the finances of New York... Don't become lambs being lead to the slaughter, Incite yourself with the knowledge that only you as a citizen of NY can make changes, The politicians will only support themselves, Remember not one dime of a reduction in Member Items, Hard to believe that they could not lead by example......

From: Leaders defend budget plan

Posted on March 30 at 11:47 a.m. (Suggest removal)

What you have to understand is the 170 million in member items that remained untouched,but the elimination of the star rebate program is eliminated, the special interests get their $$$$$$ and programs are slashed, The process utilized is undemocratic, Just 3 days to review, no time to offer changes, so how critical is an on time budget, how about one that is reviewed on time, with changes made on time and a budget that is more than three men in a room. How secretative must it be???
who beyond these three individuals really have input as elected officials. The one term governeur will not win election because he has shown it is not capable of this Office.

From: Taxes, some spending cuts in state budget

Posted on March 27 at 12:08 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Its an issue of supporting the president, The Republicans will critize and offer no responsible alternatives, The Repubican Party in New York is like a endangered animal, There aren't many and we should keep the ones we have.... The Repubican candidate has a political base in Saratoga County only, He falls far behind in the other counties in this district. The reason is clear and it is based on the last election, Change is the order of the day. SO i will predict that the Democratic candidate will win and follow the policies of the present Administration.... The issue of the qualifications of the candidates isis quite another subject for another day.....

From: In closing days, new poll shows Murphy taking lead over Tedisco

Posted on March 25 at 12:02 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The unions will certainily negotiate, what they will not do is to surrender a contract that was previousily negotiated in good faith with the State,
what Union do you know that surrenders in the face of threats, No the unions are protecting their membership and the negotiated rights... They will not go to a barganing table under the threat of layoffs, The problem is not with the Unions but rather the big spending that Government over the years has provided to vested interests. Do some research by looking at Member Items and see what examples of waste we as taxpayers spend, Look at the special taxing districts, look at the political salaries provided and you think the Unions are the Problem, Open your eyes to the waste, ineffective
government, lack of consolidation, There are just two many problems with the State Administration, Its not the Unions, It's a government that fails in the responsibility of controling expenses and now must rein in the finances and their solution is to cut critical functions, threaten layoffs, etc. When is enough, enough, Its almost back to the revolutionary war when the expression was "Taxation without Representation" maybe the next Tea revolution will be in New York when the citizens are simply tired of politicians not being able to govern but simply to tax. Don't blame the unions, Respect the Unions, Without them there would be no American Development....

From: State targets 9,000 layoffs

Posted on March 25 at 7:58 a.m. (Suggest removal)

It's always easy to say that the State Employees should be reduced but there are several items the governor should do first. Like
1. Reduce overtime
2. eliminate the top 5 years based on overtime
3. Have a cap on salary on state employees making over 150,000 per year
4. reduce member items
5. reduce contract employees
6. eliminate neptosim in state jobs
7. work with the unions not threaten jobs
This is a political ploy to bring the unions back to the tables, Why should the Unions give up negotiated conract items????? Even the Assembly Members had no idea of what the Governor was going to propose which brings me to this point on the political process.. The three people in the state who have power, not the elected officials, Its always the Governor, the Senate Leader and the Assembley Leader who are all Democrates and will be held accountable for this economic disaster. There are over 150 people who make more $$$$$ that this one term governor, How about them??????
With this economic status adding more people to unemployment sure doesn't make sense to me....

From: State targets 9,000 layoffs

Posted on March 10 at 12:47 p.m. (Suggest removal)

It's easy to be critical of anything, but it is impossibile to implement changes when you don't have the power to make changes, SO the Mayor hires a Public Safety Commissioner and a new Police chief and he expects them to implement changes.... If there is any failure that you don't like, Tell the Mayor that he is ultimately responsible, Hire individuals who are willing to place the stamp of authority beyond the Union Power and to make real changes, Remember the GPS was a result of a failure and credit is given to Management to implement changes. Now those policies that need correcting are the first priority to the Chief, and I would suggest that he make unscheduled visits to the Police Headquarters at various times and make his presence known..... Check on the Supervisiors, Check on the status of dispatches, Review what the Police are doing on their tours, The problems will be present and corrections will be made.... As I said its easy to be critical. Let the Police Chief and the Public Safety Commissioner perform their functions, If Not, Than we hire someone who will...
and vote on a new Mayor......

From: Mayor questions police progress

Posted on March 9 at 12:02 p.m. (Suggest removal)

lets be realistic, THere are 137 Police Officers in Schenectady, Replace them with ???????

From: Should the Schenectady Police Department be abolished?

Posted on March 9 at 11:59 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Look, the business of Emergency Mangement is to critical to leave to the Politicians, The role of Emergency Managers is to understand based on experience and to implement Emergency Policies. Its time to remove individuals who lack experience but relie on political connections.... It is another dad day in Schenectady....

From: Constantine to be appointed to emergency management position

Posted on March 5 at 8:11 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Now the solution is apparent, We the citizens will monotor the police and they will never know when they are being observed or reported... SO they will have the possibility of "BIG Citizen" looking over their shoulder..... I suspect the next step will be to form a citizen patrol to monitor each police officer in the city, See how they would like that
They will try to get away with anything they can, No honesty in the Department, No credability in the Department and simply more of no, no, no, etc.

From: Mayor: 'Critical moment' for Schenectady police

Posted on March 5 at 8:05 a.m. (Suggest removal)

And now they will be all suspended, good

From: 6 Schenectady students arrested after brawl

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