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Posted on October 12 at 1:40 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I agree with the above. Another avenue for patronage jobs. They should have used the $400K to lower the county taxes. Next year they will raise the taxes to pay for this "Tourism" bureau.

From: Schenectady County approves tourism, visitors bureau

Posted on October 30 at 8:58 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Let's hope the new owner is true to his statement "to work with Glenville’s planning and zoning boards and neighbors to determine the best use for the site, whether it be a club, housing or some other facility." Those neighbors will be watching both the new owner and the town to be sure that whatever is planned for the old Woodlin Club that it stays true to the "character" of the neighborhood.

From: Buyer may revive Glenville club

Posted on October 28 at 3:03 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Why are none of the details regarding the sale of the Woodlin Club being disclosed. The club sits in a residential area and I am sure that the residents of the development would like to know who their new neighbor is.

From: Schenectady County auctions off 62 properties

Posted on November 13 at 3:39 p.m. (Suggest removal)

All the above arguments are great points..especially the "double dipping." Does this individual even live in Schenectady County. If Schenectady County taxpayers are going to pay his salary, then he should be made to move at least into the county, if he doesn't. Only in Schenectady County can the legislators throw away our money..we are one of the smallest counties in the state with the highest taxes...we should have cleaned house in the last election, but everyone just keeps getting reelected and nothing ever changes..I can't wait to move out of this county.

From: Director named for new Schenectady County dispatch center

Posted on February 14 at 11:13 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Board member Mauro needs to get her priorities in line with the real world. Why is school spirit so important..isn't educting our children more important. Why does the district need four levels of sports..cut the modified level while keeping the other three..that would still keep the "school spirit" alive and well that Board member Mauro seems to feel it's so important.

From: Looming tax hikes face Niskayuna school district

Posted on October 10 at 1:51 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I hope this couple moves out of Schenectady County and not just out of the city..I tried to move out of Schenectady County years ago..because back than I saw the writing on the wall...consolidation of services is the way for Schenectady county to go..eliminates lots of police, highway, etc.

From: Some frustrated over Schenectady taxes

Posted on September 11 at 12:26 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Thank you Joan Wagner for your delightful insight into what is wrong with our schools. You are's not the teachers, it's the lack of parental support that the children need to enhance the learning they receive at school. Alot of parents think of schools and teachers as babysitters or day care. The news media's reporting of the events in Chicago and their teachers make it sound like the schools are nothing more than a babysitter the children. Even with no teachers, these kids are still able to go to school and have breakfast and lunch provided because they don't get that at home. What does that say. If a home environment can't provide you really think they can provide educational support..I don't think so.

From: Letters to the Editor for Sept. 4

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