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Posted on June 23 at 12:16 p.m. (Suggest removal)

BTW Vince... I highly doubt that it was a two stroke motorcycle. They tend to sound like large chainsaws and need to have a properly sized expansion chamber in order to make power. Besides that Yamaha stopped building two stroke road motorcycles in the early 1980's. Honda and Kawasaki stopped building them before that. More likely is was a Harley with open pipes or a Japanese bike with an aftermarket exhaust.

From: Schenectady councilman laments motorcycle noise that comes with warm weather

Posted on June 1 at 10:40 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Dear Daily Gazette,
How the hell is a whiny old man who, can't find anything better to do than piss and moan, news. There are lots of year round quality of life issues that could be addressed but you chose to print a story that should have been little more than a letter to the editor.
I understand that motorcycle noise can annoy people. I myself ride a quiet motorcycle or I should say I would ride my motorcycle if I weren't taking my life in my hands due to the abhorrent road conditions and clueless drivers in this city who treat traffic laws as little more than suggestions.
I can't understand the the logic behind the loud pipes save lives mantra. I don't agree with it and wish the police would enforce the laws that are written to limit such noise. And yes there are laws however; in general the police do not know how to administer them and as a result their arbitrary and capricious application of these statutes result in lots of noise violations being dismissed due to lack of evidence.
The number of cars with annoying chain saw like mufflers or the music playing so loud that their trunk buzzes, the floors of my car vibrate and the windows in my home rattle. Or better yet the loud obnoxious patrons at the bar across the street from my home who because they can't smoke inside the establishment have to come outside to scream, yell and talk at excessive volumes all day and night. Or the car alarms going off at all hours of the for hours on end.
I was of the opinion that Mr Riggi had a clue but it simply isn't true. This city with its worthless mayor and ineffectual city council exist only to only to appease their special interests. It's a shame that the Schenectady that I grew up in and chose as a place to live and raise my family has fallen so far.
As for this newspaper, and I use that term loosely, more and more I find myself refering to it as the Wizzette because the only useful purpose it serves is for paper training a puppy. The content is lacking or worthless as demonstrated by this story.
Your office is closed now but I'll be canceling my subscription tomorrow morning and requesting a refund.

From: Schenectady councilman laments motorcycle noise that comes with warm weather

Posted on January 10 at 5:56 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The days of fully funding employee insurance are over. Schenectady needs to follow the private sector and move to a high deductible insurance plan. They also need to start charging for spouses who decline insurance through their own employer and go on the districts insurance because it is better or cheaper.
I can't afford any more than I am paying now.

From: Schenectady school district projects $10 million deficit

Posted on December 22 at 6:35 p.m. (Suggest removal)

There are two sides to Ms. Blanchard. She has indeed done wonderful things for the city but for those with whom she had conflicts or disagreements with, or whom she thought had wronged her, she was less than wonderful.

From: Blanchard steps back after spearheading Schenectady causes

Posted on October 17 at 2:12 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I guess these iPhone owners decided it wasn't worth it to install the find my phone app.

From: Two teens charged with Union College Field House thefts

Posted on September 13 at 5:42 p.m. (Suggest removal)

This is the exact reverse of the welcome neighbor reassessment we had years ago. New home owners were assessed on the sale price and had to grieve their assesments to have them reduced, the surrounding homeowners assessments were never adjusted. Now you want to once again reassess at the sale price but it is up to the neighboring home owners to grieve their assessment to have them lowered. This situation has to be just as illegal as the welcome neighbor policy was.

Way to go Mr Mayor you have once agin proved that the only things in Schenectady that change are the cast of characters. Crappy policies and hiring incompetents has killed this city. You've proved that you are as out of touch with reality as Frank Duci was 30 years ago....

From: Schenectady mayor’s assessor choice not qualified

Posted on July 29 at 12:28 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Motorcycle check points have absolutely nothing to do with safety. It an excuse used by law enforcement to single out motorcycles and harass riders. There are plenty of loud cars with illegal exhausts or obnoxiously load stereos than there are loud motorcycles.

It is true that excessively loud motorcycles are annoying but I don't see the police out inspecting exhausts on cars or ticketing people whose stereos can be heard from a block away and rattle house windows with loud bass as they go by.

How many of the 55 motorcyclists were written tickets? the article states that 27 tickets, five for having an illegal helmet, eleven for illegal exhaust and eight for other safety violations, I can't believe that half of the riders got tickets. More likely a few riders were each given several tickets.

BTW I don't like loud motorcycles. I think they are annoying and send the wrong message to non-riders. I just think that the police should go after the other scofflaw motorists who should be ticketed as well. Apply the law equally and stop profiling and discriminating against motorcyclists.

From: Saratoga Springs motorcycle checkpoint nets numerous violations

Posted on July 24 at 10:05 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Lets hope that the residents on NYC are smart enough to vote for someone else.

From: Anthony Weiner admits to more lewd photos

Posted on June 25 at 4:51 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Discrimination pure and simple. As for the noise issue what about all those little cars with the "fat pipe" exhaust that makes them sound like chain saws on steroids or those cars with stereos turned up so loud that trunks or doors buzz and the windows in my house rattle. Equal enforcement for all stop singling out riders.

I also find it interesting that one "biker" fled, two "riders" were arrested on outstanding warrants and 89 tickets were issued to "motorcyclists". you can be damn sure that the guy who did 132 wasn't riding a touring bike.

For all those unnumbered riders who were inconvenienced because the state police have nothing better to do that harass riders, I am truly sorry.

Michael Kuban
President, District III of the American Motorcyclist Association

From: State Police issue 89 tickets to motorcyclists in area over 5 hours

Posted on June 25 at 3:32 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The only time I go downtown now is to drive to work and I won't take Erie Blvd EVER. Erie blvd is a mess and I don't care if the signs says businesses are open why should I destroy my car trying to get to a business that doesn't meet my needs. Everything I need I can get in my neighborhood of upper Union street. And there aren't any parking meters.

From: Schenectady residents question parking rates

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