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Posted on March 27 at 8:23 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Screw the campus conduct system. Being classified as a penetration by incapacitationist is much better than being a rapist. He doesn't have to admit to being one because the college made sure the little bastard will never see his day in court by telling this girl that she shouldn't report the incident. I hope that the college president is proud of the way the counselor protected the college's name by brushing this incident under the carpet.

From: Accused Skidmore student suspended two years

Posted on January 13 at 9:36 a.m. (Suggest removal)

You can bet on it being a total sham!!!

Casinos have one purpose; to make money. How do they do that? They keep people inside gambling!

Anyone who has ever been to Atlantic City or Vegas or Turning Stone can attest to the fact that the number one priority for any gambling establishment is to keep people gambling. They do that by providing everything a gambler could want within the casino. That's what the term "mixed use" really means. How many restaurants or retail stores will be included in the Casino plan? Why would anyone leave to go spend money elsewhere when everything necessary is available at the casino?

What about the companies that are being forced (or strongly encouraged) to relocate outside of the city. There is no where for STS or Precision to move and remain inside the city. By all means Mr Mayor, push companies who have chosen to locate here in the city to leave. Maybe they're not as glamorous as a spanking new casino... so what! They made the choice to locate here but you go ahead and force them out so that a developer can move ahead and make a boatload of cash off the taxpayers in the city. That's progress!

When will Schenectadians wake up and see that the mayor and Metrofraud are once again leading us down the primrose path. They have been lying to us for years and continue to serve their own purposes and those of their partners in crime. Give away the farm to any developer willing to build yet another pink elephant. Then, give them more money to expand the elephant. And when the buck stops guess who's left holding the bag? The taxpayers, AKA the cash cow.

Schenectady is not going to improve until we solve the crime, tax and education problems that exist in the city. If you think a casino is going to do that then I have some swampland off upper Union Street I'd like to sell you.

From: Schenectady mayor bets on continued growth

Posted on November 2 at 4:13 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Current employees both union and non union are stuck with a high deductible medical plan with one exception. Higher level management and e-band (executive) employees still have the plan the regular employees lost. They have co-pays with no deductible.

Why is it that highly compensated employees are given this. GE seems to value at least some of their employees.

That is until they move the next business to another state or country. It will be interesting to see what the future hold for schenectady now that GE is purchasing Alstom. Part of the Alstom purchase includes a modernized manufacturing facility in Chatanooga TN where there are no unions and the employees get stuck with whatever GE is willing to throw at them.

GE moved the gas turbine engineering and manufacturing out of Schenectady to Greenville SC years ago. Now GE has started to lay off engineers and designers in Greenville and move design work to Mexico. To top it off they force current employees to train people who will replace them. The current employees just don't know when they are going to be replaced.

Earlier this year GE sold the appliance division to Electrolux. A What do you think is going to happen to those appliance employees? Sure some of them may be employed for a while but dollars to donuts Electrolux moves the whole operation overseas to keep their "real" employees working while US employees are treated like excess baggage and left to fend for themselves. But of course that won't be GEs fault because they sold the division and got money for their stockholders who I turn reward top level management with ridiculous salaries.

GEs current business model is to take cost out of their product by whatever means available. It could mean using less metal in a product or employing cheaper labor in another country.

This has led to cheap crappy products being produced to maximize profits. Customers are taking notice and seeing that GE products are not as good as they used to be. In some cases the products aren't worth purchasing, period.

The last GE appliance I owned was a washing machine. The casting on the transmission was so pourous that in the 18 months I owned it before it died the oil leaked out through the metal casting, not past a gasket through the metal, leaving a stain on the basement floor. You could see where the oil level was simply by looking at the casting. That's the kind of quality that has led me to decide that there will be no more GE appliances for me.

From: Retirees sue GE for lost benefits

Posted on October 18 at 9:46 a.m. (Suggest removal)

pnotto is part of the problem here in Vampire state. Retired cop receiving full medical benefits for life and able to retire after 20 years on the job. Why not retire and move away he can afford to live on hallf of his falsely inflated income never having to worry who is going to pay his medical bills. He's as much a vampire as the politicians he blames for the problems. Good riddance.

From: Competition drives gas price below $3 at Schenectady station

Posted on September 29 at 3:43 p.m. (Suggest removal)

When we visited family living in NJ it was nice to go into the local Wawa convenience store and be able to get cash from their ATM without having to pay a service fee. Wawa it seems had come up with the idea that if you let people take out cash from your ATM without charging an ATM fee then it's quite likely they will buy something while they are in the store.

Too bad Stewart's doesn't do the same thing. They would get a lot more business from me and quite possibly others as well.

Does it really cost a business that much to provide this service to their customers?

From: ATM fees keep climbing, survey says

Posted on August 11 at 10:56 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Why wait to pass judgement?? If Reverend Al knows what happened without an investigation then we should just take his word for it. Remember Tawana? He was correct then so he must be right now... Oh that's right he wasn't. He let a 15 year old girl take him down the primrose path.
He isn't a civil rights leader he's just a big mouth who likes to get is 15 minutes of fame over and over again.

From: Killing of unarmed man draws criticism

Posted on June 26 at 3 p.m. (Suggest removal)

daily.... perhaps you didn't hear about the police officer who while off duty had a road rage incident which ended with him retrieving his gun from his truck to intimidate the other people. forget about if he actually pointed the gun at them the simple fact that is was displayed was patently wrong. The now former officer was paid for the last 13 months of his career and allowed to retire. And he can even work for another police department. Now there's somebody I want to interact with as a law enforcement official.

Miscreants and dumb asses should be fired, plain and simple.

From: Lawmakers try to limit power of Sch'dy official

Posted on June 23 at 12:16 p.m. (Suggest removal)

BTW Vince... I highly doubt that it was a two stroke motorcycle. They tend to sound like large chainsaws and need to have a properly sized expansion chamber in order to make power. Besides that Yamaha stopped building two stroke road motorcycles in the early 1980's. Honda and Kawasaki stopped building them before that. More likely is was a Harley with open pipes or a Japanese bike with an aftermarket exhaust.

From: Schenectady councilman laments motorcycle noise that comes with warm weather

Posted on June 1 at 10:40 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Dear Daily Gazette,
How the hell is a whiny old man who, can't find anything better to do than piss and moan, news. There are lots of year round quality of life issues that could be addressed but you chose to print a story that should have been little more than a letter to the editor.
I understand that motorcycle noise can annoy people. I myself ride a quiet motorcycle or I should say I would ride my motorcycle if I weren't taking my life in my hands due to the abhorrent road conditions and clueless drivers in this city who treat traffic laws as little more than suggestions.
I can't understand the the logic behind the loud pipes save lives mantra. I don't agree with it and wish the police would enforce the laws that are written to limit such noise. And yes there are laws however; in general the police do not know how to administer them and as a result their arbitrary and capricious application of these statutes result in lots of noise violations being dismissed due to lack of evidence.
The number of cars with annoying chain saw like mufflers or the music playing so loud that their trunk buzzes, the floors of my car vibrate and the windows in my home rattle. Or better yet the loud obnoxious patrons at the bar across the street from my home who because they can't smoke inside the establishment have to come outside to scream, yell and talk at excessive volumes all day and night. Or the car alarms going off at all hours of the for hours on end.
I was of the opinion that Mr Riggi had a clue but it simply isn't true. This city with its worthless mayor and ineffectual city council exist only to only to appease their special interests. It's a shame that the Schenectady that I grew up in and chose as a place to live and raise my family has fallen so far.
As for this newspaper, and I use that term loosely, more and more I find myself refering to it as the Wizzette because the only useful purpose it serves is for paper training a puppy. The content is lacking or worthless as demonstrated by this story.
Your office is closed now but I'll be canceling my subscription tomorrow morning and requesting a refund.

From: Schenectady councilman laments motorcycle noise that comes with warm weather

Posted on January 10 at 5:56 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The days of fully funding employee insurance are over. Schenectady needs to follow the private sector and move to a high deductible insurance plan. They also need to start charging for spouses who decline insurance through their own employer and go on the districts insurance because it is better or cheaper.
I can't afford any more than I am paying now.

From: Schenectady school district projects $10 million deficit

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